Instagram Albums: The Latest Feature

UPDATED: Instagram Albums the 10-photos-in-1-post feature has now been released! ?

We’ve all been there: scrolling through your photo gallery, staring at that awesome-hair-day selfie you want to share at all costs, and then realising it’s unfortunately not matching your feed. Dear Instagrammers, it’s time to rejoice! Instagram keeps on stepping up its game and has now launched a new feature designed to share multiple images or videos in one – single – post. Yes we are very excited!

The privilege that was reserved only for advertisers, will soon be available as a regular software update to all other users. With just one post you’ll be able to create a 10 photo/videos album that followers can swipe horizontally through, liking photos as they go.

This means you can finally share all 800 snaps of your Sunday brunch without spamming your followers feed nor sacrificing your grid aesthetic!

However, as the big change is currently just being tested, we’re still unsure about little details. What will a gallery look like in the Home feed? How do we use the feature? We can’t wait to know and will update you as soon as possible.

So do stay tuned (and get ready to see that smashed avocado on toast from EVERY angle).

Instagram Albums Preview      Instagram Albums Preview      


UPDATE: Instagram Albums the latest feature has now been released! Keep an eye out on our blog as we have plenty of tips and tricks coming your way on how to make the most out of Instagram Albums and how this new feature can boost your engagement and followers.


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