Social Bullet: Instagram Testing Hour Long Video, Snapchat Integrate Event Ticket Sales & Facebook Privacy Bug Affects 14 Million Users

Social Bullet, our round up of the most important social media news from the week, live on our blog every Monday, Social Bullet will keep you informed and up-to-date on your social media game. This week we have news of Instagram testing increasing video post limits to one hour, Snapchat introduce ticket buying in app and Facebook apologise after privacy bug affects 14 million users.

Social Bullet Video Round Up

Instagram Testing Hour Long Video Post & New Snapchat Style Video Hub

Instagram are reportedly testing increasing the limit posts. Video posts were initially introduced with a 15 second limit, and then increased to 60 seconds. However these reports suggest that this could soon change with the cap being lifted to 1 hour. Rumours also suggested Instagram were involved in active discussions with content creators and video publishers to create long form video, that could challenge the likes of Youtube. However the reports which initially surfaced on The Wall Street Journal were described as “tentative” and “subject to change”. This news also coincides with news of Instagram introducing a new video hub, similar to what is found on Snapchat, for users to digest longer form publisher content. This is also yet unconfirmed, however would make sense with Facebook’s constant push of video content.

Snapchat Diversify E-Commerce Offering With Ticket Buying Integration

Snapchat have integrated Seat geek, the ticket marketplace into their app, allowing users to purchase tickets to events from directly within the app. The integration comes as Snapchat are making further steps offer more ecommerce options on the social platform, previously we have only seen the introduction of the Snapstore. The Los Angeles Football Club were the first to sell ticket through the app, allowing users to go through the entire buying process without having to leave Snapchat. The new feature hopes to build upon the ecommerce potential of Snapchat.

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Facebook Apologise After Privacy Bug Affecting 14 Million Users

Facebook has been caught in hot water over data protection yet again. The companies Chief Privacy Officer issued a statement last week apologising to users after 14 million users were affected with a bug that forced posts that were set to private to default to public when published. The audience selector tool used by Facebook, allows users to select the level of privacy of a post and the audience that can view the published posts, the bug affected the audience selector tool, and automatically made posts public. Facebook have said they will contact the 14 million users who were affected and suggest to them to check the privacy of content posted within the affected time. The bug was active between 18-27th May.

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