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How do I change my Hopper login password?
How do I update my card details?
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Is my Instagram password safe using Hopper?
Does Hopper break Instagram’s Terms of Service?


Hopper allows you to schedule posts to Instagram, and then posts them out at the time you specify. No push notifications or reminders. Hopper allows you to post and schedule from your desktop or smartphone so that you can get high quality content out to your followers on a regular basis, regardless of if you’re busy, distracted or even asleep. You can easily upload multiple photos, add filters and edit them, add your own captions with #hashtags and @mentions and schedule them to go out at a time that suits your followers. You can even manage multiple accounts from your Hopper dashboard with ease, saving you the hassle of logging in and out through Instagram.

Creating Your Hopper account

Register to start scheduling Instagram posts and begin your 14 day trial. Choose a plan and whether you’d like to pay monthly or annually. After entering your card details you will be directed to the Hopper dashboard.

Card Details

We require card details before a trial to ensure that we are not allowing fake or spam users to abuse Hopper and therefore Instagram. Providing card details enables us to validate a visitors authenticity, as well as helping us by preventing users creating unlimited trial accounts.

Your card will not be charged during the trial and if you decide at any point that you wouldn’t like to stay and pay for Hopper you can simply send us an email to [email protected]. Providing this is done anytime before the 14 days you won’t be billed.

Hopper is a limited company in England, registration number 09501144. This means Hopper is restricted and regulated by all UK laws. What’s more all payments and card details are managed by Stripe which is well known as the world’s most secured payment gateway so no one will actually see any details.

Setting Up Your Hopper Account

After reaching the Hopper dashboard you will be asked to add your timezone so Hopper knows when to post your pictures to Instagram.

You then need to verify the email address that you registered your Hopper account under. After this you can start to add your Instagram accounts.

Click the box in the right hand corner of your dashboard and select “+Add new” to start adding your Instagram account details. This box allows you to switch between your Instagram accounts quickly, adding convenience when scheduling content to multiple accounts. We then verify the connection between your Instagram account and your Hopper dashboard to make sure we can properly post the content you give us.

Scheduling Content

To start scheduling your content, ready to be posted out automatically, you select the blue “+New Post” button in the left hand corner, and then select “Single Post” to schedule on post or “Multiple Posts” to bulk upload your images to schedule all at once.

Select “Single Post” to start scheduling your first post.

You can then click the “Upload New Image” button in the dark section of the screen to upload an image from your computer, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox or Google Drive, or you can take a picture from your mobile or webcam to upload.

When your image is uploaded you can rotate it left and right to get the correct orientation before clicking the blue “Save” button in the bottom right hand corner.

You can then add your caption to the posted image and select whether you would like it to schedule it to post out at a time and date you specify, or whether to post out now. After selecting this you get a display below the schedule box letting you know how far in the future your post is scheduled for.

You can add #hashtags and @mentions to your caption, just make sure you correctly spell the hashtags and username you want as we create their link when they are posted. We are currently working to allow you to schedule first comments on your posts, so you can add #hashtags there.

Scheduling First Comments

In addition to scheduling your pictures, videos & captions, Hopper also enables you to schedule the first comment to your post. As content of first comments are still searchable via Instagram Explore some users utilise them to add additional context and hashtags to their post without jeopardising the look and feel of your main caption.

Hopper has included this feature to help increase the organic reach of your posts. In order to maintain its effectiveness, Hopper has a fair usage policy on this feature. Accounts that utilise this in an unauthentic way, including excessive repetition of hashtags and profanities may have access to first comment scheduling restricted.

Instagram Ratios

After moving from the classic square posts Instagram’s new image sizes are still limited to a maximum ratio of 1.91:1 for landscape and 4:5 for portrait. This means extra wide or extra long photos will be automatically cropped when uploaded to Instagram.

To give you full control of this, Hopper allows you to crop within the boundaries of Instagram so you can plan exactly the images you’ll soon be sharing.

If your image is too large for Instagram, Hopper will warn you after uploading. To resize the image simply click ‘edit’, select crop, then choose the 1:91 ratio box. Here you will be able to crop your image to make it perfect for Instagram. Don’t forget to hit the tick in the bottom right before saving and closing the photo editor.

You are also able to ignore the warning and the image will be automatically cropped to Instagram’s maximum allowed size as on the Instagram app directly.


Tagging People in Photos

Whilst we allow you to @mention people in the caption, we are still working to perfect tagging in photos. However, it is high up on our feature development list and will be released soon.

Editing Images

To edit your image (currently desktop only) select the blue “Edit Image” button to the right above your picture. From this editor you can make a range of changes to your picture:

  • Add one of over 25 different filters.
  • Rotate your picture 90^o to change its orientation.
  • Flip your picture vertically or horizontally.
  • Alter your picture’s brightness, contrast and saturation.
  • Crop your picture.
  • Add a variable radial blur or vertical blur to create the look of a focal spot or region.
  • Add a coloured border to your picture.
  • Add stickers from a selection of over 15.
  • Use a variable thickness paintbrush to draw onto your picture with any colour.

Editing Scheduled Posts

Just click that post and you can edit it, or delete it from your schedule if it is no longer wanted.

Multiple Posts

To bulk upload up to 50 at a time. Simply go to “+New Post” in the Hopper dashboard and then select multiple images to upload. This allows you to select multiple pictures to turn into scheduled posts at one time:

You can quickly edit these pictures as well as add captions and schedule when you would like them to go out, saving you time. You can view and edit all of these scheduled posts at any time from your “Queue” view in your Hopper dashboard.

Rescheduling Previously Posted Pictures

If you go to the “History” tab of your Hopper dashboard you can see all of the posts you have made through Hopper in the past, seeing the time they were scheduled and posted. You can then also “view” that picture or “reschedule” it, instantly loading up the image, its caption and its scheduled post time for you to alter as you see fit.

Hopper’s mobile app

As well as a fully optimised mobile site easily accessible from any device, Hopper also has a native iOS app available on the Apple app store.
Using Hopper for iOS you can easily plan and schedule on the go.
Having second thoughts about your scheduled content? Hopper iOS is seamlessly synced to your Hopper account, should you want to make any last minute uploads of edits.
Download Hopper for iOS

Account Settings

If you click the “Account” link at the top of your Hopper dashboard you can alter many of the setting for your account.

Email Tab

Here you can change the email address you use to log into Hopper. You can also select whether you would like to; receive our monthly newsletter, receive an error message should one of your posts fail (we recommend keeping this on), and an email to let you know when you don’t have many scheduled posts in your account.

Password Tab

This tab allows you to change the password for your Hopper account.

Billing Tab

This tab allows you to add new card details. If you wish to cancel your Hopper account just email [email protected] and we can do that for you.

Account Tab

This lets you see which Instagram accounts you have added to your Hopper account. You can add more account here if your plan supports multiple accounts. You can also change or amend the password you have stored for your Instagram accounts.

Time Tab

This tab allows you to change the timezone of your Hopper account. It’s often best leaving this as the timezone of the largest portion of your followers, so you can easily schedule your posts to go out at times when they are active. You can also change between 12 and 24 hour clocks here to suit your preference.

Failed Posts

Whilst Hopper users rarely experience issues with their posts, when they occasionally do there are a few likely causes:

  • If you have the timezone of your Hopper account set differently to the timezone of your desktop or mobile your posts will go out at the time for your Hopper timezone, but display times for your device. You can change your timezone in the “Time” tab of your account settings.
  • Your Instagram account may not be verified, so check your Instagram email address regularly to see if Instagram wants you to verify your email address (with a phone number or captcha code verification).
  • You have changed your Instagram password and not updated Hopper. If you Instagram password has changed you need to update your Hopper account by going to your account setting at the top of your Hopper dashboard, and selecting the “Account” tab within your account settings. This tab lets you see the Instagram accounts linked to your Hopper account, as well as letting you update the passwords for any of them.
  • Occasionally if you’re using Instagram from your phone and Hopper from your desktop Instagram will notice that you’re posting from two different IP addresses and send you a verification email. You just need to complete this verification to keep using Hopper.

Image Compression

Hopper does compress images that are larger than 1080 pixels on their largest side, down to 1080 pixels width, which is the largest that Instagram allows.

Cost of Hopper

The cost of Hopper depends on the type of account you’d like. Accounts start from as little as $8 per month for a limited number of posts or $16 per month for unlimited posts if billed annually. Above 7 accounts we can add packages of 5 to your Hopper at $8.50 per month per account for unlimited posts. Please find our pricing here:

All of our plans come built in with a 14 day free trial so you won’t be charged unless you choose to stay using Hopper. If you don’t wish to keep using Hopper please email [email protected] and we can cancel your account without you being charged.

Adding More Instagram Accounts or Changing Plans

If you would like change your Hopper plan just email [email protected] and let us know what account you would like or how many Instagram accounts you would like to add. Above 7 accounts you can manage an extra 5 accounts for a discount price of $50 per month ($42.50 if paid annually).

Free Services

Hopper lets you schedule your content and it automatically posts it out for you, there are no reminders or push notifications when it’s time to post. Unlike other services, Hopper posts your content if you’re busy, asleep or even if your phone is switched off.


We take security very seriously at Hopper. We never see your account password, which is split into multiple strings and encrypted across multiple servers making it very secure.

Instagram’s API Policy

Other services have offered scheduling that brakes Instagram’s Terms of Service by reverse engineering their API. This has sometimes resulted in all of the users of these services getting their Instagram accounts banned. Hopper doesn’t tamper with or touch Instagram’s API in any way. At Hopper we have created a virtual user that goes into your account, uploads the picture you give us, types out the caption you give us, and then posts at the time you specify. Hopper acts as a social media agency that only posts the content you give to them.