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You'll love planning Reels with Hopper HQ; the easy to use social planner. Drag, drop and organise your Reels in the calendar view or perfect your profile with the grid planner.

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Scheduling a reels post from the Hopper HQ post planner
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Create Winning Instagram Reels Content

  • Find the best time to post for your followers to get more views.

  • Curate the perfect Reels screen on your profile with grid planner.

  • Invite your team to Hopper HQ and collaborate on your social strategy. Teammates Are Free

Schedule Instagram Reels Now

Save Time Scheduling Reels In Advance

  • Bulk-upload and schedule multiple reels.

  • Visually plan your Instagram reels ahead of time.

  • Easily post your Instagram Reels to TikTok.

Schedule Instagram Reels Now

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Create one post and publish it to all your social media networks. Create perfect stories, posts, reels, carousels, videos, tweets and more...

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Schedule your Instagram Reels in seconds

1. Upload
Create stories from your desktop. Upload photos or videos from Dropbox, Google Drive, Unsplash, and more.
3. Schedule
Find the best time to post for your account. Then schedule your story to one or multiple accounts.
4. Auto Publish
When the scheduled time comes, your Reel will be published automatically.

"The best thing we ever did for our social media posts. Great tool, totally streamlines our social media posting, all in one place, saves us time and money."

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