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Unlimited posts

Multiple Users & Permissions

No more logging in and out of multiple accounts - add your accounts as needed and manage them all in one place.

  • Unlimited Team Members

    Invite your whole team with the Pro plan.

  • Account Access Controls

    Control who can see which social profiles.

  • Draft & Publish Permission

    Manage who can publish, draft or read only.

Collaborate & Approvals

Collaborate with your colleagues and clients. No more sending screenshots for approval!

  • Request Approval

    Get sign off on posts creative from clients and account leads.

  • Create Drafts

    Not ready to schedule a post yet? Save it as a draft and come back later.

  • Notes

    Add notes and comments for teammates.

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Auto Publish to Multiple Accounts

Manage all your social profiles in one place. Create plan and schedule different post types.

  • Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube Shorts

  • Posts, Reels, Stories, Pins, Carousels, Videos, Tweets

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Peace of Mind

Alert the right person if Facebook goes down and a post fails. Create alert rules to notify the right person on your team. So critical content can be published manually or rescheduled.

  • Set failure notification rules.

    Alert the right team member if a post fails.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to invite a team member?

🎉 They're free! All Hopper HQ plans come with unlimited team mates for free.

Can I control who has access each account?

Yes. You can set permissions for each account and user. You can hide accounts from certain users or only allow them to create drafts.

Can I manage multiple accounts of the same type?

✅ Yes. Are you franchise owner with social accounts for each location? You can view all or accounts on one calendar and schedule posts to multiple accounts at the same time .

Do you offer publishing success notifications?

✅ We've all been there. Facebook goes down and an important post fails. With Hopper HQ you can choose who gets notified of the failure and how. So nothing gets missed.

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