Every feature you need to master Instagram marketing.

Hopper is the complete Instagram marketing solution. Create, plan and schedule posts across multiple Instagram accounts. No more fumbling with posts on a tiny screen Hopper works on both desktop and mobile. No more 'post reminder' push notifications interrupting your evening and weekends. Hopper posts to Instagram for you.

Hopper posts to Instagram for you.

Posts Queue

All your scheduled posts in one place. Drag and drop to reorder.

Calendar Planner

Easily view and plan your posts by week or month. Drag and drop to reorder.

Phone Preview

See how your posts & feed will look to your followers on a mobile.

Draft Posts

Half way through creating your posts and need to walk away? Save them as draft.

1. Upload Sources

Hopper supports every major cloud storage product & social network.

2. Image editor

Filters, adjustments, orientation, borders & text overlays.

3. Post creator

Hashtags, @mentions, captions & first comment support.

4. Automated posting ⚡

Fully automated posting. No 'reminders' or push notificatons here.

Power tools

Multiple Accouts

Manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single Hopper login.

Bulk Upload

Upload upto 50 posts in one go. Auto set times, save all to your queue or drafts.


Collborate with you team memebers and permisions for each IG account.

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