International Beer Day – August 2nd

Do you know what’s better than a can of beer on a hot day in August? A cold one! August 3rd is officially International Beer Day, a celebration of one of the world’s favourite beverages. Beer is enjoyed by millions of people across the globe and is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks around. Make sure you celebrate by getting together with friends and cracking open a can of your favourite lager or ale 🍺

As with many alcoholic drinks, beer is sociable at heart. You can therefore bet social media will be full of people posting their pints and looking out for offers from local bars. Make sure you join the conversation and increase the reach of your post by using these hashtags…

#InternationalBeerDay #Beer #BeerLover #BeerDrinker #ColdBeer #Lager #Beergram #InstaBeer #CraftBeer #Hops #Brewery 

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