8 Top Hootsuite Alternatives in 2024

Looking for the best Hootsuite alternatives to manage your social media presence? This blog post has all the answers you need…

Managing social media accounts can be challenging for marketers, brands, agencies, and organizations. Luckily though, social media management tools like Hopper HQ help you plan, schedule, organize, and direct your social media marketing strategy efficiently. 

Hootsuite is one of the most known social media management tools on the market. Although Hootsuite offers a range of subscription plans, you may want to consider Hootsuite alternatives for various reasons like; 

❌ The high pricing of Hootsuite plans
❌ Hard to get over the steep learning curve 
❌ Support isn’t available for all plans 
❌ Team collaboration is only provided on higher plans

Let’s take a look at Hootsuite and discover some of the most popular social media scheduling tools that are considered the top Hootsuite alternatives.

1) Hopper HQ: Best for Ease of Use and Value

Hopper HQ is a visual-first social media management tool known for its ease of use and great value, making it a great Hootsuite alternative. It offers an array of enticing features to help social media and marketing teams with planning, creating, and team collaboration.

With only one subscription plan, you’ll have access to AI assistance like image resizing and caption generation, as well as, bulk scheduling, team collaboration features, and more. Making it a perfect fit for agencies and SMEs.

l was looking for a more cost-effective option than Hootsuite. Hopper HQ is actually better and much easier to navigate. The Bulk edit and drag and drop calendar are easy peasey.


Hopper Key Features:

FeaturesHopper HQHootsuite
PlatformsInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube shortsInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube shorts
Free Trial
Additional UsersUnlimited
Visual Grid Planner
Approval Workflows
AI Assistance
Analytics and Reporting
Bulk Scheduling
CSV Upload
Cross-channel Scheduling
Mobile App

Hopper HQ vs Hootuite

Competitive pricing:

Hopper HQ is one of the most cost-friendly social media scheduling tools when compared with Hootsuite (if not the cheapest). The cost to use Hopper HQ is just $16 a month while, for Hootsuite, it’s a hefty $99 a month. Although in Hootsuite you can connect 10 social media accounts, Hopper HQ only offers one subscription type, meaning you’ll gain access to all the features available without needing to pay more.

Speedy support:

At Hopper HQ, all users are valued the same and get prompt support whenever needed and for free. You can reach out through email, by chatting within the app or you can get in contact through their social media profiles as well. You can also find a detailed and informative help center, where all Hopper HQ knowledge is shared. There is also a weekly webinar demo of Hopper HQ, where anyone can join and deep dive into what the app can do. Hootsuite on the other hand, does not provide such variety and may charge you.

No Learning Curve:

Hopper HQ stands out for its elegant and easy user interface, which greatly simplifies the process of scheduling and autoposting social media content. With just a few intuitive steps, users can efficiently manage their social media posting schedules. The clean and well-organized design ensures that navigating the platform is a breeze, making it easy to upload, schedule, and manage posts across various social media platforms.

The Best for Small Businesses

Hopper HQ offers cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly solutions that cater to the needs of agencies and SMEs. Whether it’s managing multiple clients or optimizing social media strategies, Hopper HQ’s features and analytics, combined with its affordable price, make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their online presence on a low budget. While brands that use Hootsuite tend to be larger with bigger marketing budgets.

2) SocialPilot: Best for Facebook Analytics

SocialPilot is a social media automation tool and a good potential alternative to Hootsuite. It is a versatile tool with scheduling and content customization prowess. It effectively handles all the social media marketing needs of businesses and agencies and is considered one of the best Facebook analytics tools. 

Key features:

  • Content scheduling abilities
  • Bulk scheduling 
  • Flexible content calendar 
  • Analytics with automated report generation 
  • Social inbox for multiple social platforms 
  • Team and client approval workflow

Supported platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube and TikTok

Pricing: SocialPilot’s basic pricing starts at $30 a month.

Hootsuite vs. SocialPilot

If we were to compare SocialPilot to Hootsuite, the first major difference would be pricing. Although not as cheap as Hopper HQ, Social Pilot is still over $70 less than Hootsuite’s basic subscription.

However, in both plans for the cheapest subscription, you’ll only be able to have 1 user, which can be limiting for for agencies and companies with a slightly bigger marketing team. With this in mind, it makes sense why both Hootsuite and Socialpilot don’t provide workflow management in these basic plans. So for team collaboration features you’d need to purchase a more expensive subscription

It’s also important to note that, even though SocialPilot is significantly cheaper, Hootsuite does provide analytics on their basic plan, while on SocialPilot you don’t. If analytics is an important aspect of your social media strategy, yet you’re price sensitive, Socialpilot might not be the best choice for you.

3) Buffer: The Right Choice for Social Media Integrations

Buffer can be considered the leading alternative to Hootsuite when it comes to extensive integration capabilities. Buffer offers a comprehensive solution that is ideal for businesses and individuals seeking to interconnect their social media management with a wide array of third-party services.

Key Features:

✅ Possibility to create a sales landing page
✅ Connects with Google Business profiles
✅ Integrate with popular apps like Zapier and MailChimp
✅ Provides a social inbox and replies to comments

Supported Platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mastodon, YouTube, Google Business Profile and Pinterest.

Pricing: Freemium subscription or starting from $6 per social channel

Buffer vs Hootsuite

Buffer provides a freemium subscription which is not currently available on Hootsuite. However, as expected, there is a limit to which features are accessible. For example, it does not provide you with channel analytics, you can only connect up to 3 social channels and you’re limited to 10 scheduled posts per channel.

With their first paid subscription, you’ll gain access to analytics as well as publishing features like first comments and a hashtag manager. However, you can find the same features on the first subscription plan of Hootsuite.

Keep in mind that if you choose to use all the channels available on Buffer, you will have a monthly cost of about $54. Which can become unaffordable for many agencies and small businesses. Also, for team management features you’d have to purchase the Team subscription which is $12 a month per social channel.

4) StatusBrew: Best for Reporting

On the fourth, we have Statusbrew, renowned for its ability to handle large-scale engagements through its unified inbox. Today, we’ll focus on its reporting capabilities and how they compare to Hootsuite. Statusbrew offers customized reporting templates for social media, customer support, competitor analysis, and more, supported by 230 KPIs and metrics. For those who want to delve into data without spending much time on setup, this tool is worth considering.

Key Features:

  • Easily digestible white-label reporting templates
  • Options to share reports in PDF, CSV, or live link formats
  • Community management and social care features
  • Automations for publishing, engagement, and reporting
  • Custom integration with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zendesk

Supported platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google My Business, WhatsApp, Pinterest, App Store, Play Store, and Line.

Pricing: Provides a 7-day free trial then pricing starts at $69 a month

Hootsuite vs. Statusbrew

With Statusbrew, you get the flexibility to work with your team without worrying about a hefty price tag. Their premium plans offer 8 user seats and 15 social profiles, along with features like sentiment analysis and social listening, which Hootsuite provides on much higher plans. You can build automations based on sentiment and phrases to automatically hide, delete, or reply to comments, thus securing your brand’s reputation.

Statusbrew helps your brand operate faster on social media with minimal effort. The tool offers comprehensive features to improve your social media strategy. However, if you prioritize employee advocacy, you may prefer Hootsuite.

5) Meet Edgar: Best for Repurposing Content 

MeetEdgar, also known as Edgar, is a popular social media scheduling tool popular for its content recycling features that keep your profiles evergreen. You can organize your content into categories so that you can always have something to post about. It has shown to be a good fit for entrepreneurs and freelancers. 

Key features:

✅ Repurposes content automatically 
✅ Categorization of content 
✅ Automation with unlimited scheduled content 
✅ Tracks history and performance data for everything you post
✅ Monday to Friday customer support 

Supported Platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile 

Pricing: The cheapest subscription, the Eddie annual plan, starts at $24.91 on the yearly plan

MeetEdgar vs. Hootsuite:

With MeetEdgars’ basic plan, the Eddie plan, you will have access to unlimited scheduled posts and up to 20 team members. Although you also get unlimited scheduled posts on Hootsuite, for you to add team members you’d have to purchase the Team subscription for over $260. Keep in mind that this only gives you access to 3 users rather than only one. 

Even though you may have access to more users on MeetEdgar, you’ll only be able to connect 5 social accounts on their basic plan, while with Hootsuite´s initial plan, you’re allowed to connect up to 10 accounts. 

If your main need for a social media scheduling tool is the achieve the autonomy of having content automatically published, Hootsuite might still be the best option. On the Eddie plan, you’ll only be able to automatically post 10 times a week. For 1,000 automations a week, you’ll need to purchase their second plan at $41.58 a month.

6) SproutSocial: Best Tool for CRM Features 

Similar to Hootsuite, Sprout Social is a versatile tool capable of handling various aspects of social media marketing. It connects several social media platforms, allowing for centralized management from one unified interface.

Beyond social media platforms, Sprout Social also incorporates numerous additional app integrations, including Canva and Bitly. Collectively, these integrations assist users in significantly expanding the scope of their marketing activities.

Key Features:

✅ All in one social inbox
✅ Review Management 
✅ Tasking and social CRM tools
✅ Paid promotion tools for Facebook 
✅ Profile, location, and keyword monitoring 

Supported platforms:  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

Pricing: The standard SproutSocial subscription starts at $249

Sprout Social vs Hootsuite

Sprout Social is possibly the tool with the closest pricing to Hootsuite. Although their initial plan is pricier than that of Hootsuite, it does offer a lot of features. This is a great alternative for larger companies who have the budget to spend on martech. 

Sprout Social is great for brands that are well-established and keeping a social media presence is crucial for their marketing strategy. It allows you to control everything that is social media in one place, from day-to-day posting to ads management and even customer relationship management.  These intricate features compensate for its more expensive subscriptions. 

Keep in mind though, if you’re looking for white-label solutions, then Sprout Social might not be the best fit for you, unlike Hootsuite, it doesn’t provide it. 

7) Postify: Best Tool for The Basics 

Postfity. app is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to Hootsuite, catering primarily to users who manage Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It stands out as an affordable choice for individuals and small businesses, offering a range of basic features including a social calendar, Instagram story scheduling, bulk import, post preview, and a social inbox. 

This combination of features, along with its user-friendly interface, makes Postfity a practical and accessible option for social media management.

Key Features:

✅Content Scheduling and automatic posting 
✅Invite team members and assignment tags
✅ All social inboxes in one 
✅Live support every day of the week 
✅ AI content for Description, hashtags, and images 

Supported Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Pricing: Postify only provides one type of subscription which starts at $41 on the yearly plan or $44 on the monthly one. 

Postify vs Hootsuite:

Hootsuite supports a broader range of social networks, whereas Postfity concentrates primarily on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. So, if these are the only channels you work with this can be a potential alternative. 

Pricing for HootSuite begins at $105 per month for 10 social media profiles, in contrast to Postfity’s starting price of $41 per month for an unlimited amount of social media profiles. Also, Like Hopper HQ,  Postify only has one subscription type, which means you’ll be able to access all their features, including adding as many team members as you want. 

Consider Postify as a Hootsuite alternative if you’re not present on all social media channels and are looking for an accessible tool.

8) Loomly: Great for Team Collaboration

Loomly is a social media management tool used for branding and content creation. It integrates with popular tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams but has limited integrations for big businesses and some apps.

If you’re looking for a tool that provides AI features, then Loomly might not be the best option for you. Although it shares a variety of useful features, it does not support AI or in-app image editing. 

Key Features:

✅ Scheduled analytics report 
✅ Slack & Teams integration
✅ Automate team workflow
✅ Custom Branding 
✅ FAQ, chat, and email support 

Supported platforms:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and custom channel 
Pricing: The basic plan starts at $32 a month expanding to $277 for the premium subscription.

Loomly vs. Hootsuite

The main difference between Loomly and Hootsuite will most likely be the unavailability of AI assistance. While Hootsuite provides it to all its subscription plans, Loomly does not offer this feature yet at least. 

Loomly however is a great tool for team collaboration, it provides users with the capability to automate workflows. It also allows you to integrate with communication apps like Slack and Teams, where you get notified every time someone in your team makes a change or adds a comment to a piece of content. 

When it comes to scheduling, with Loomly you’ll not manage to bulk schedule your content to different channels. If you’re a brand that publishes content frequently or several times a day, Loomly might not be the best option for you. 

9) Social Champ: Good for Managing Multiple Projects

Social Champ is a good alternative to consider if you work with multiple projects at the same time. It provides the basic features expected from such a tool plus some related to content ideation and recycling. Similar to what MeetEdgar provides.  

Key features:

✅ Create a Posting Schedule
✅ Bulk Scheduling
✅ AI Content Wizard
✅ Performance Overview Report
✅ Post previews 

Pricing: Provides a free plan with limited features with the cheapest plan starting from $26 a month. 

Supported Platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mastodon, YouTube, Google Business Profile and Pinterest. 

Social champ pricing

Social Champ vs Hootsuite:

Like Buffer, you can access Social Champ through a free subscription but again, this comes with limitations like not being able to schedule for Twitter. Also, you can only have one user and schedule 15 posts at a time. If you have more active social media accounts or work as a team, you’d have to purchase their paid subscriptions. 

On the first paid plan at $26 a month, you can gain access to unlimited scheduled posts, and 12 social media accounts instead of 3, and you may have one extra user. However, on the Hootsuite basic plan, you’d also benefit from unlimited scheduled posts and bulk schedule 350 posts compared to 300 in Social Champ. 
Social Champ also utilizes a social media calendar to keep track of published, scheduled, and draft posts. However, it is not as visually aiding as the Hopper HQs’ calendar which seamlessly shows the posts on each day. 

Wrapping Up:

Hootsuite has been a notable social media scheduling tool for some time, but now you may easily find Hootsuite alternatives that are more feasible and fitting to your needs. This article has brought to light 8 potential options that agencies and small businesses can commit to. 

With cost and ease of use being a primary concern for most, Hopper HQ can be a great alternative to consider. Providing to be the cheapest option as well as having all the essential features like AI assistance, scheduling and autoposting, visual grid planner, bulk scheduling, and much more, Hopper is a perfect alternative to Hootsuite. 

Try Hopper HQ out with its 14-day free trial and take full advantage of an array of social media boosting features


  • Can you use Hootsuite for free?
  • Yes, Hootsuite offers a free account and a free 30-day trial on some of its paid subscriptions.

    Does Hopper HQ have a free trial?

    Yes. Hopper HQ offers a 14-day free trial on all plans. 

    How much does Hopper HQ cost?

    The price is as low as $16.25/month billed annually or $19/month billed monthly. Hopper HQ offers bulk discounts for plans managing over 5 social account bundles.

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