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New Year’s Day – January 1st

The 1st of January is a time for change and resolutions, but how long they’ll actually last no one knows…

You can get off to a good start though by sharing your #newyearsresolution or #newyearnewme attitude on Instagram! Whether it’s the January health kick, a positive mindset shift, or a bid to do things differently this year, boost your post with these 2019 hashtags!

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This time of year brings up a lot of body shaming BS. Here are SIX body positive reminders from your friendly fat elf! If you’ve gained a pound or two this holiday season, then you’ve been weighing yourself and you should stop that. Eating past the point of comfort does not make you a BAD person. Thanks to @bodyposipanda for this reminder. You don’t need to feel guilty for what you ate this week. If you want to detox: 💧drink water, 🍎eat food, 👌let your organs do the rest. When diet talk is brought up in the room you’re in, you can leave the room. You do not have to partake.🚪Let me repeat: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PARTAKE. You know what’s healthier than salad? 🥗Having a good relationship with food. And, finally, dieting as your 2019 New Years Resolution: taking up less space in this world should never be your life’s mission and worrying about the size of your belly should not be your aspiration in life. You offer so much more than that. You give so much more than that. You are 💕worthy and valued and wonderful 💕 at the weight you are, RIGHT NOW. Merry everything, amazing humans, from a ✨happy fatty ✨ (who has eaten an entire box of candy canes by herself this holiday season). 🎄💖🐮 / Photo by @rahsallthat

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