Social Media Day – June 30th

The social media holiday of all holidays: it’s Social Media Day! Regardless of how much you use social media channels in personal or business life, you can’t deny their power. Social media has changed the way we communicate and connect with one another, as well as brands with their target audiences. Launched by Mashable in 2010, Social Media Day is an opportunity to celebrate all the good social media does, as well as a chance to have conversations about its criticisms.

If you’re looking at this calendar, chances are every day is social media day in your line of work, HOWEVER, make sure you plan a campaign around official Social Media Day on your channels. You could use the opportunity to inform your audience about social media stats, or tips to staying happy and safe on social media. If you work in social media, utilise the trend to offer a limited time only discount or referral fee! No matter your campaign, get involved with these hashtags…

#SocialMediaDay #SocialMedia #SocialMediaWeek #SocialMediaJunkie #SocialMediaMarketing #SocialMediaChannels #SocialMediaTips #SMM

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