World Gin Day – June 8th

Gin lovers unite! Today is for you and tonic water because it’s World Gin Day! Observed on the second Saturday in June each year, World Gin Day is an opportunity to appreciate and (obviously) drink gin in all its shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a G&T fanatic or more of a shaken-not-stirred Martini drinker, utilise June 8th to enjoy a glass or two!

World Gin Day is a great opportunity for bars, restaurants and supermarkets (see how Co-Op got in on the action below) to advertise their range of gins or gin-related products. Gin has become ridiculously popular in recent years, and we’re all familiar with gin goblets on our Instagram feed come summertime. Use the trend of World Gin Day to increase the reach on your post, and most importantly, go and enjoy a gin cocktail! 🍸

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