World Yoga Day – June 21st

June 21st is a chance to release your inner yogi! Yoga is a physical, spiritual and mental practice born from Hindu philosophy. While yoga originated in ancient India, it is now loved by people of all ages the world over. It’s not just about flexibility, yoga is intended to help us find inner peace, as well as exercise discipline over body and mind.

Yoga has many health benefits and has become hugely popular in recent years. Many businesses have incorporated team yoga into their week for the positive effects it has on fitness, happiness and concentration. In the run-up to World Yoga Day, think about how you and/or your brand can get involved and share your yoga experience on social media!

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Happy world yoga day! Can’t believe I nearly missed it 🙈 I’m not your typical “Instagram yogi”, I’m not very flexible (my limbs just feel soooo long Hahahaha), I can’t do any impressive yoga poses and I’m not planning to do a YTT anytime soon 😂 But that’s what yoga is exactly about: it’s for everyone and sooooo much more than just poses. I learned so much about trusting and forgiving my body and calming my mind. I was always bad at meditating even though I researched it during college (with fancy machines and test subjects and EEG – super interesting!) but now that I actually practice yoga regularly, I can really finally feel the calmness and sometimes actually think of nothing – that feels so good! Can’t wait to share more of my yoga journey with you 🙏🏼 #worldyogaday #internationalyogaday #yogaday #gratitude #mindfulness

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