World Mental Health Day – October 10th

World Mental Health Day was established to spread education and awareness around mental health, and combat the social stigma surrounding it. Created by the World Federation Of Mental Health, and observed by hundreds of countries all over the world, October 10th is a really important day both on and off social media. 

The past few years have seen a huge outpouring of support for mental health issues on social networks, which are often criticised for causing depression and anxiety, particularly in younger people. Campaigns such as UOKM8? by LadBible and #HereForYou from Instagram themselves have brought conversations about mental health into public consciousness.

On World Mental Health Day, think about how your brand can run a supportive and impactful social media campaign. Whether it’s initiating conversations with your audience or colleagues, posting positive quotes, or letting people know they can talk to you, this is a really important day for marketing on social media!

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