Human Rights Day – December 10th

Observed annually across the world, Human Rights Day was established to honour and celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the first global enunciation of Human Rights, and one of the first major achievements of then newly established United Nations. 

Many people across the globe are still living without fundamental human rights, and so December 10th is an opportunity for all of us to use the power of social media to share information, express solidarity, and enact change. Regardless of your industry, use Human Rights Day for an impactful campaign!

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Today is Human Rights Day, a celebration that marks 70 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is also a day to consider how human rights are lacking for people around the world. Today we are reflecting on a recent Index by the Walk Free Foundation that highlighted the garment industry as one of the key at-risk sectors for modern slavery. Issues like human rights often seem so overwhelming that it’s difficult to understand how we can make a difference and be the solution. The Global Slavery Index makes it clear that the products we buy have major implications on human livelihood around the world, and that fair fashion is a good place to start. #FashionRevolution #LovedClothesLast #TradeFairLiveFair #standup4humanrights #HumanRightsDay *2nd biggest at-risk sector by import £ value among G20 countries.

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