What are Analytics?

In social media, analytics are used to provide data and insight surrounding your social media activity. Using analytics you can derive statistics on your engagement rate, reach, impressions and more. Some social media platforms refer to Analytics as Insights such as Instagram. Social Media Marketers will use analytics to evaluate content that has been published and also to measure the performance of social media campaigns. Currently, social media analytics are available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with Snapchat offering limited insight.

Why are Analytics important?

Using Analytics on social media apps such as Instagram can give you a deeper understanding and insight into how you’re account and content is performing. Insights you can gain from social media analytics include which of your content is performing best, more information on your followers, specific engagement rate numbers and much more. Such insights can inform and shape your Instagram Marketing Strategy.

How To Access Analytics on Instagram?

To find out how you can access analytics on Instagram and how to use them, check out our guide here.

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