What is Engagement?

An important metric in social media marketing, Engagement refers to the interactions and activity on content posted on social media, this includes likes, comments, reactions etc. However, the exact interactions that determine what contributes to engagement differ between platforms and content types.

Instagram – Engagement on Instagram includes: Likes, Comments, Saves, Video Views, Story Views & Replies

Facebook – Engagement on Facebook includes: Likes, Comments, Reactions, Video Views & Shares

Twitter – Engagement on Twitter includes: Retweets, Likes, Replies & Video Views

Snapchat – Engagement on Snapchat includes: User views, Screenshots & Replies

Why is Engagement important?

In the social media world Engagement is one of the most fundamental metrics used to measure the performance of content on a platform. Engagement can provide you with fundamental insight to help you form your social media strategy, defining the content that has performed best, the content your audience loves and also the content that helps grow your account the most.

How can you improve your Engagement?

A question we get asked often from brands and influencers trying to win on social media is “How can we improve our Engagement?” We have produced in-depth guides that provide insight on how you can really boost your engagement on social, check out our articles below:

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