Organic Reach

What is Organic Reach?

Organic Reach is a metric used in social media marketing that shows the number of unique accounts that have seen a post or piece of content on a social media platform. In other words, the number of eyes that have seen the post once. Organic Reach excludes the use of any paid promotional tools, that would be used to boost the visibility of the post.

How To Improve Organic Reach?

Reach is one of the fundamental metrics in social media and one of the most important factors that determines the potential engagement rate of a post. Essentially the more organic reach you have the more engagement you can potentially receive. More eyeballs on the content, means more of a chance of content being engaged with likes and comments, which is why marketers are a always in search of techniques to boost Organic Reach. Of course a massive factor in determining your potential organic reach is the number of followers you have, however there are a few things you can do to distribute your content to maximise organic reach, including hashtags, sharing the post to your stories and on your other social channels. Beyond the distribution funnels there are also various strategies you can use, check out the articles below for more insight into boosting organic reach:

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