17 Canva Social Media Templates You Can Steal

Struggling to figure out what to post? These 17 original Canva social media templates are here to help you!

Keeping a consistent social media presence is no easy task, especially when having to find new creative ideas for your posts. We’ve all been there, spending precious time looking for free Canva social media templates to steal and speed up the creation process.

This is why we’ve built these 17 social media post templates that you can use for your brand. Matched with a social media scheduling tool like Hopper HQ, you can ensure that your audience will see a little bit of you every week.

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What type of Canva social media templates are included?

In this pack of Canva social media templates, you will find content for:


These templates are designed to help highlight your customers’ experiences and feedback in a visually appealing way. build trust and credibility among your followers by showcasing real-life endorsements and positive reviews!

Promotions or sales:

Use these templates to announce special deals, limited-time offers, or exclusive discounts. They are specially designed to draw your audience’s attention to your promotional campaigns, ensuring that they won’t be missed.

Engaging questions:

Engaging with your audience is crucial no matter the industry or brand. These templates are designed to pose questions to help stimulate interactions and discussions. Use these posts to solicit feedback, preferences, or opinions from followers, making them feel involved and valued.

Informational posts:

Informational templates can be used to educate or inform your audience about relevant topics or things they may not know about. These could include “how-to” guides, tips, facts, or news updates related to your niche. The design of these templates are clean, easy-to-read layouts that help in breaking down complex information into digestible visuals.

Who are these templates for?

Business owners:

Business owners constantly seek ways to streamline operations and save time doing so. By using social media templates, you can cut out the creation process and only do some quick edits. It also helps them boost brand visibility, and engage more effectively with their target audience. Utilizing Canva social media templates offers several compelling advantages that can significantly benefit their business.

Social media managers:

Social media managers often handle multiple platforms and must maintain a constant flow of posts that are consistent with the Brand. By using these Canvas templates, it simplifies the content creation process, enabling you to quickly produce and schedule high-quality posts. These templates are especially great for social media managers who don’t have much experience in creating visuals but still want an amazing social presence.

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Create a copy of our Canava templates and start streamlining your content creation. Whenever you’re loaded with work and have no time for creating posts, you’ll always have these trusty templates to fall back on!

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