How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter with Hopper HQ: Save Time and Concentrate on Engagement

Twitter has become a fantastic playground for building relationships, engaging in entertainment, randomly learning something new, and having a bit of fun. GIF’s, memes and the ol’ viral content have really made it a fun place!

But to generate a solid social media presence like Instagram, Twitter is all about sharing valuable content at the right times when your audience is active and also tweeting. 

If you want to get in front of your audience in real-time, Twitter is the best social media platform. Twitter gives marketers and social media managers a direct opportunity to connect personally with their customers through insightful and informative tweets around the clock. Many brands tend to focus their marketing strategies on Instagram, it’s algorithm and visual aesthetic, but a platform like Twitter should also be apart of your social media plan.

With all of the benefits that come with social media automation, Twitter is a platform that you can’t just bulk schedule your tweets and neglect. Twitter needs nurturing through engagement of retweets, likes and replies to help further your reach.

In this blog post, we give you the guide on how to schedule your tweets in advance to help you save time to concerntrate on creating awesome content:

How to schedule tweets on Hopper HQ:

1. Sign up to Hopper HQ

2. From your dashboard, you’ll notice it reads, ‘No posts… you dont have any schedule post’ but beneath that, begin to create your tweet by clicking on the Create Post button. 

3. Create an image, video or text tweet. Select either ‘single post‘ or ‘multiple posts‘ from files (depending on whether you want to bulk upload or focus on one tweet at a time. 

4. Then fill out the ‘caption’ for your tweet in the box featured. Be sure to include any photos, emojis, videos, or memorable gifs that will spark your audience’s interest.

5. Choose the date and time you’d like your tweet to be sent and then click on ‘Save post in the top right section. “‘Voila!’ There it is, you’ve scheduled your tweet.

Bonus: If you want to duplicate a tweet as new, for a later date, press the  icon to schedule the post for another time and date. 

Another great feature on Hopper HQ is that we allow for bulk uploading. If you aim to be organized and have better time management as a social media manager or digital expert, bulk scheduling is the way to go! The bulk composer action supports up to 350 tweets at one time. Super quick and easy to get weeks of content scheduled and ready to be auto-posted.

Along with our scheduled tweets feature, we also offer the ability to save draft tweets. If you don’t want to finish a tweet or share it at that moment, simply save it. It’s perfectly fine to take your time and refine your tweets when you’re ready.

Hopper HQ is a straightforward scheduling tool that allows you to queue tweets across multiple accounts from your desktop. Plan, create and post content with delightful ease. 

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Keep reading to discover how to schedule tweets on Twitter to save time and concentrate on bettering your engagement.

We’ve taught you the how to’s for scheduling your tweets on Twitter using Hopper HQ; now it’s essential to know why.
Scheduling tweets on Twitter gives you the benefits of maintaining consistency with content and allows you to tweet at the right times for the best engagement. It truly comes with a bundle of advantages.
Here are 3 tips on why you need to get scheduling your tweets.

Schedule Tweets on Twitter and save time to concentrate on engagement Tip #1 – Automations saves time

The best thing about social media automation tools like Hopper HQ is that it gives marketers and social media managers the ability to schedule tweets ahead of time. Schedule tweets across various times and dates that can be posted automatically based on your organized schedule. It’s a true godsend! 

By freeing up your daily schedule, you can focus on the additional important task related to your business. Use automation tools to help feed your audience with a consistent stream of harmonious and valuable information. 

Schedule Tweets on Twitter and save time to concentrate on engagement Tip #2 – The more you tweet, the more chances of increasing your engagement

Everything starts with the posting of a tweet. Engagement works in two ways on Twitter. 1. By actively tweeting and 2. By engaging with other users tweets. By scheduling tweets, you can begin to start different forms of conversations; the more you tweet, the more chances have in front of your audience. 

Fortunately, Twitter’s algothrim focuses on recent content and actively engaged users. Post regularly to build brand exposure and respond to your mentions and notifications as soon as you can.

Our favourite design developing tool, Adobe Photoshop, has formed a content series to interact with their audience by asking for their opinion. It’s a common theme throughout their Twitter profile, and it works. 

Schedule Tweets on Twitter and save time to concentrate on engagement Tip #3 – A consistent profile will actively help to gain followers.

A follow-worthy account will show regular activity across your tweets, replies, media and likes.  

Consistency is fundamental in the world of social media marketing. For your audience and potential audience to both recognize and get to know your brand better, you have to be consistent. It’s all good and well, to post 5 tweets in one day, but if there are no additional tweets for the next 15 days, leaving your Twitter inactive could lead to your audience unfollowing.

Twitter pals SEO tool, SEM Rush, consistently post daily on Twitter. With thought-provoking questions that stimulate conversations, actively reply and like tweets from their audience that help to have their engagement and consistency in check. 

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Ultimately, as marketer and social media manager, you are in charge of what happens across your business or brand’s social media.

Scheduling tweets on Twitter help to bring better visibility to your audience. Stay relevant and on top of their minds.

Try to schedule tweets and remain engaged with your followers by producing a healthy mix of real-time messages and scheduled tweets, not to lose the “human element” across your profile.

With all things Twitter handled, knowing how to use an Instagram scheduler is perhaps one of the most integral marketing strategies you can use to help the growth of your Instagram account. Discover our How To Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021 (And Why You Should).

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It’s time to level up your Twitter with the help of Hopper HQ? Get started today — it’s free for 14 days!

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