Product Updates | April 2018

We’ve had an exciting few months here at Hopper HQ, with the launch of some highly-anticipated new features…

After returning from our remote working trip in Thailand and with a new addition in the form of content-marketing queen, Nicola – we’ve been excitedly reviewing our roadmap and working closely with our customers and the community on some exciting projects blush

In case you’ve missed it, here’s a round-up of the product updates we launched to Hopper HQ last month:


While this may feel like a blast from the past for some users, we launched a number of exciting updates to our Analytics tool this month, following its launch in February.

We’ve added deeper metrics – including impressions, reach and saves – to your content performance review. You can also view how much traffic your Instagram has driven to your website and also, how many of your followers have tried to get in touch via email incoming_envelope

Export Analytics Report

We had a number of requests from users, looking for an easier way to report back to their clients and so we were excited to add an export function to Analytics. Now you can export a printable version of your accounts’ analytics, making it easy to share your hard-work with your clients and colleagues.

As always, our developers would love to hear your thoughts and feedback so if you’ve any suggested improvements for our export feature, let us know!

Facebook Scheduling

Yes, that’s right – you can now schedule to Facebook! tada

Firmly holding its position as our most requested feature, since Hopper HQ launched, we’re over the moon to finally offer Facebook scheduling at no extra cost.

We know how important it is to stay active across all social media platform. As part of our mission to save you time – so that you can get back to creating incredible content and growing your following organically – we’ve worked hard to integrate Facebook to Hopper, preventing the need to switch between tools.

Keep your eyes peeled for another integration, coming soon… bird

Multiple-Platform Scheduling

Following the launch of Facebook scheduling on Hopper HQ, we received so much incredible feedback from our users – many mentioning that they often share evergreen content to both Instagram and Facebook simultaneously.

We wanted to remove the step of duplicating your efforts and speed up the scheduling process, allowing you to create and plan your content with ease. So, our multiple-platform scheduling feature was born – allowing you to schedule to both queues at once sparkles

What’s Next?

Our developers love hearing your feature suggestions and we review these weekly. So, if there’s anything you’d like to see us add to Hopper HQ, get in touch and let us know blush

Until next month!

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