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Plan & schedule social media content for all your social accounts in one calendar. Hopper HQ supports full auto publishing across all platforms.

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All your social accounts and posts in one calendar

View all your past and scheduled posts in one easy to use calendar. No more logging in and our of multiple social media sites.

  • Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube Shorts

  • Posts, Reels, Stories, Pins, Carousels, Videos, Tweets

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Work with your team to make your social media calendar

Invite your whole team for no extra cost. Team mates go free. Set custom access permissions and collaborate on your calendar.

  • Request Approval

    Get sign off on posts creative from clients and account leads.

  • Create Drafts

    Not ready to schedule a post yet? Save it as a draft and come back later.

  • Notes

    Add notes and comments for teammates.

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4.7 out of 5

Preview your Instagram grid alongside your calendar

See exactly how your social media calendar posts will look on your Instagram or Tiktok grid to craft the perfect feed.

  • Instagram Grid Preview
  • Show and hide drafts post on the grid
  • Grid preview for Instagram, Tiktok & Reels
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view multiple social accounts on the same calendar?

✅ Yes. You can view multiple social accounts on the same calendar.

Can I see draft posts on the calendar?

Yes. You can choose to show and hide draft posts.

Does the calendar have a weekly view?

✅ Yes. You can view the calendar in a monthly or weekly view.

Does the calendar support drag and drop?

✅ Yes. You can drag and drop post to reorder your posts.

Do posts on my social media calendar auto publish for me?

✅ Yes. Hopper HQ supports auto publishing for all networks and post types. If you don't want a post to auto publish, then simple set it as a draft.

Can I invite team mates and collaborate on my social media calendar?

✅ Yes. Invite extra team mates for free. Add notes to your posts to share feedback.

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