Instagram Scheduling

What Is Instagram Scheduling?

Instagram scheduling is a process used by social media marketers to pre-plan and schedule photos and videos to Instagram. Considered an advanced tactic, scheduling your content to Instagram has many advantages including saving you time, helping you manage multiple accounts, being able to plan your feed in advance and much more.

Why Is Instagram Scheduling Important?

Many social media marketers use Instagram scheduling as a strategy t be a power user on the platform. Instagram Scheduling can help users tackle many obstacles faced when trying to be successful on Instagram. Firstly the most obvious advantage is being able to schedule posts in advance, removing the real-time manual phone posting, making the whole process much more efficient. With this users can also have access to their Instagram followers during times where posting would be difficult which also opens up the possibility of targeting audiences in different time zones. An overarching benefit of using an Instagram Scheduling tool is providing users with a tool to plan, manage, measure and execute an Instagram marketing campaign.

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