How to Make Money on YouTube Shorts

If you’re wondering how to make money on YouTube shorts, you’ve come to the right place.

YouTube, with its staggering 2.7 billion logged-in monthly users (that’s about 1/4th of the global population) – is not just a website or an app – it’s a cultural phenomenon. The statistics are mind-boggling: over 400 hours of video are uploaded every minute. and the platform is available in more than 100 countries and 80 languages

The numbers don’t lie; YouTube’s reach is truly global.

But what’s most intriguing about YouTube isn’t just the statistics; it’s the opportunities it presents. This includes the relatively recent addition of YouTube Shorts, a platform for creating and sharing short-form videos. It follows the steps of TikTok – the short-form video-creating platform that has taken the internet by storm.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the world of YouTube Shorts, sharing insights, tips, and strategies to help you turn your creativity into cash, all in an easily digestible manner. 

So, get ready to learn how to make money on YouTube Shorts and ride the wave of this trend.

Why Monetize Your YouTube Shorts?

Before we dive into the ‘how,’ let’s tackle the ‘why’ of making money on YouTube Shorts. After all, understanding the motivation behind any venture is key to its success.

1) Engage with a wider audience:

Short, snappy videos are perfect for capturing viewers’ attention with short attention spans. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just starting, Shorts can help you reach a broader and more diverse audience.

Plus, with the YouTube algorithm favouring Shorts, your content has a better chance of getting discovered.

2) Low-cost production:

Another aspect of YouTube Shorts is its low production costs.

No need for fancy cameras, professional lighting, or elaborate sets. Your smartphone and a pinch of creativity are often all you need. This means you can experiment without breaking the bank, and every view can translate into potential earnings.

3) Monetization potential:

YouTube Shorts has opened up exciting monetization opportunities. There are multiple ways to turn your passion into a paycheck, from ad revenue to channel memberships, merchandise shelf integration, and Super Chats during live streams. Maybe check out the 2023 YouTube Shorts Richlist to see how much you can earn.

4) Express Your Creativity:

YouTube Shorts provides an outlet for your creative spark. Do you have a wild idea, a hilarious skit, or a quick life hack to share? Shorts allow you to showcase your creativity in under a minute. No need for long-winded explanations or elaborate setups. Just grab your phone and let your imagination flow. So, why not make an income out of it?

How Much Can You Earn?

Are you wondering how much money do YouTube shorts make?

As mentioned earlier, you can check out the list of the top 23 richest YouTubers to see how much you can really make on YouTube.

The amount of money you can earn from YouTube Shorts will vary depending on several factors, such as the number of views your Shorts get, the type of ads displayed, and your engagement rate.

According to a recent study by VidIQ, the average YouTube Shorts creator earns around $0.01 per Shorts view. However, top Shorts creators can earn significantly more, with some earning upwards of $100 per 100,000 views.

Now you might be wondering how YouTube shorts make money.

5 Ways to Earn Money With YouTube Shorts

1) YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is a service that allows YouTube content creators to earn money from their videos. To join the YPP, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least 1,000 subscribers and have at least 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months


  • Have at least 1,000 subscribers and have 10 million Shorts views in the last 90 days.

Once you have joined the YPP, you will be able to monetize your YouTube Shorts in two main ways:

  1. Shorts Ad Revenue Sharing: YouTube shares a portion of the ad revenue generated from Shorts views with creators. The amount of money you earn per Shorts view will vary depending on many factors, such as the country of your viewers and the type of ads displayed.
  2. Super Chat and Super Stickers: Super Chat and Super Stickers are features that allow viewers to support their favorite creators with paid messages. When a viewer sends a Super Chat or Super Sticker, their message is highlighted in the chat and the creator earns a portion of the money spent.

2) Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a type of performance-based marketing. It allows you to earn a commission for selling other people’s services or products.

To get started, you simply join an affiliate program and promote the services or products you are interested in.

When someone buys a product through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission on the sale.

Affiliate programs can be a great way for YouTube Shorts creators to make money. You can earn a commission on any sales you generate by promoting relevant products or services in your Shorts videos.

Here are a few tips for using affiliate programs to make money from YouTube Shorts:

  • Choose the right affiliate programs: When choosing affiliate programs to promote, it’s important to choose programs relevant to your audience and offering competitive commission rates.

You can find a variety of affiliate programs to choose from through affiliate networks such as

  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay Partner Network
  • Etsy Affiliate Program
  • Shopify Affiliate Program
  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale
  • And many other niche programs
  • Promote affiliate products or services in your Shorts videos: After choosing an affiliate program to promote, you can start promoting them in your Shorts videos. Be sure to disclose to your viewers that you are using affiliate links and may earn a commission if they purchase a product or service through your link.

3) Brand Partnerships

A brand partnership is a collaboration between a YouTube Shorts creator and a brand. In a brand partnership, the creator will create content that promotes the brand’s products or services. The brand will then pay the creator for their services.

Brand partnerships are a great way for YouTube Shorts creators to make money. Brands are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach their target audience, and YouTube Shorts is a great platform for them to do that.

Here are a few tips for getting brand partnerships on YouTube Shorts:

  • Create high-quality content: The first step is to create high-quality content relevant to your niche that your audience will enjoy. If your content is good, brands will likely want to partner with you.
  • Build a large audience: Brands are typically more interested in partnering with creators with a large audience. So, the more subscribers and views you have, the more likely you are to be able to get brand partnerships.
  • Reach out to brands: Once you have a large audience and create high-quality content, you can start reaching out to brands you think would be a good fit for your channel. You can do this by sending them an email or messaging them.

Be sure to explain why you think a partnership would benefit both of you.

Here are a few examples of brand partnerships that YouTube Shorts creators have done:

  • MrBeast with Honey and Quidd
  • Charli D’Amelio with Dunkin’ and Hollister.
  • Addison Rae with Reebok and American Eagle.

4) Channel Memberships

Channel memberships allow YouTube creators to earn money by offering exclusive perks to their paid members. Members can receive badges, emotes, exclusive content, Discord server access, and early video access, etc.

Channel memberships are a great way for YouTube Shorts creators to make money, especially if they have a large and engaged audience. Members are typically more likely to watch and share the creator’s content, which can help the creator grow their channel and reach a wider audience.

Here are a few tips for using channel memberships to make money from YouTube Shorts:

  • Offer exclusive perks to members: Give your members a reason to sign up for your channel membership by offering them exclusive perks they can’t get anywhere else. This could include early access to videos, exclusive content, or behind-the-scenes footage.
  • Interact with your members: Respond to their comments and questions, and host live streams where you can interact with them in real-time. This will help you build a stronger relationship with your members and give them more incentives to buy your membership package.

5) Selling Merchandise

Selling merchandise is a great way for YouTube Shorts creators to make money and build a stronger relationship with their fans. By selling merchandise, creators can give their fans a way to show their support.

There are a few different ways that YouTube Shorts creators can sell merchandise.

  • One option is to create their online store and sell merchandise directly to their fans.
  • Another option is to partner with a merchandise company that specializes in selling merchandise for YouTube creators.

In the image below you can see the YouTube Star Jelly made his own merch.

custom made tshirts from youtube star Jelly

Can You Earn Money Under 1k Subscribers?

To qualify for complete monetization on YouTube Shorts, it is necessary to possess at least 1,000 subscribers. Additionally, you must meet one of the following criteria: either have garnered 10 million valid public Shorts views within the last 90 days or accumulated 4,000 valid public watch hours from long-form videos in the past 12 months.

It’s important to note that watch hours from Shorts in the Shorts Feed do not contribute to meeting the watch hour threshold. Therefore, if your primary content focus is on Shorts, achieving the required Shorts views is the preferable goal to pursue.

eligibility for YouTube Partner Program

How can a Social Scheduling Tool Help?

A social media scheduling tool like Hopper HQ can be a game-changer when it comes to monetizing YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts is a powerful platform for short-form video content, and leveraging it effectively can lead to substantial income. Here’s how Hopper HQ can help:

  1. Consistent Posting: Hopper HQ allows you to schedule your YouTube Shorts in advance. This consistency is crucial for building an engaged audience. Regular uploads keep viewers coming back for more, increasing your monetization potential.
  2. Optimal Timing: The tool helps you post at the best times for your target audience, maximizing views and engagement. This can lead to higher watch time and ultimately, more ad revenue.
  3. Cross-Promotion: Hopper HQ also supports cross-promotion across other social media platforms, increasing your Shorts’ visibility and driving more traffic to your YouTube channel.
  4. Data Insights: With analytics features, you can track the performance of your Shorts, understanding what works best. This knowledge allows you to refine your content strategy, potentially leading to even greater monetization opportunities.

In summary, Hopper HQ streamlines your YouTube Shorts posting process, enhancing your chances of making money through increased views, engagement, and audience growth!

Closing Thoughts

So, are you dreaming of racking millions of views on your shorts? YouTube Shorts has the potential to turn that dream into a reality. So, go ahead, hit that record button, and start crafting content that captivates and entertains. 

Tools like Hopper HQ can be a game-changer if you need extra help to optimize your YouTube Shorts strategy.

They offer valuable insights, analytics, and scheduling capabilities to help you maximize your Shorts and boost your earning potential.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating, start sharing, and start earning on YouTube Shorts.

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