Instagram marketing has evolved

Instagram is fun and exciting but for marketers it’s far more than simple entertainment. It’s now invaluable for showcasing products, gathering leads and maximising conversions.

Millions of consumers have joined Instagram to use its features, bringing with them digital marketers, savvy entrepreneurs and small business owners and large companies


Whether Instagram has been a core part of your social media marketing strategy in the past or you’ve been put off by the frustrating lack of scheduling software, brands cannot afford to ignore it in terms of its access to consumers. With Hopper now you can manage your Instagram account in the same way you’ve organized Facebook, Twitter and others.


The full marketing capability of Instagram is finally unlocked in one simple scheduling tool.


  • Fast effective posting
  • Schedule your campaigns and posts in advance
  • All the fun features of Instagram


Are my customers on Instagram?

Whether your target audience is young women, older men, or anything in between, Instagram has such a widely spread user base that is waiting to be utilized by marketers with the right tools and content. Accustomed social media marketers will know the strain it causes when you cannot schedule in advance and now new marketers need never know. Long-term professionals and newcomers can find everything they need to get started on Hopper.


What makes Instagram such a great marketing tool?

Instagram has a wide reach and it also supports the most entertaining, shareable and engaging content. Rich images and video are a great way to get attention and focus it on your brand. Convey your messaging and run exciting promotions and competitions with marketing for Instagram.


How does Hopper improve Instagram marketing?

Agencies, content marketers and small business owners using social media need to be able to plan campaigns in advance to make them strategic and effective. Building a dynamic, 24 hour social channel is made much harder with the need to post in real time. Hopper is a vital addition to the creation and implementation of your next Instagram campaign.


Plan your social media posts.

Visually plan your posts. Drag and drop everywhere.