How To Master Restaurant Marketing On Instagram

Here’s 10 restaurant marketing strategies to elevate your eatery on Instagram 🍴 In a world where 69% of us photograph our food before we eat it, Instagram is the place for restaurants, cafes and street food vendors to grow their brand and attract customers. 1. Create a Restaurant Hashtag #️⃣ 2. Use Food & Drink Social […]

How To Grow An Instagram Account [Case Study]

Building an engaged following on Instagram is a challenge, but the pay off is huge! Here are some top tips if you want to find out how to grow an Instagram account from scratch… For businesses of all shapes and sizes, Instagram is a necessary platform for building brand awareness, connecting with a target market, […]

Hopper HQ Agency Partner Programme

Business — much like life — is better when we build meaningful relationships… Introducing the Hopper HQ Agency Partner Programme, born out of a desire to support, work with, and learn from other businesses in the industry. We work with all kinds of digital agencies, and have found that despite social media being an important service, […]

A Guide To Social Media Marketing For Business In 2019

Social media marketing is an ever-changing game, and with a new year upon us, we’ve created a guide to help businesses succeed across all social networks… Social media is a staple area of digital marketing for businesses of all shapes and sizes, industries and audiences. However, with updates and new releases making it an ever-shifting […]

instagram influencer marketing

A Simple Guide To Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2019

Here’s all you need to know about the current state of Instagram influencer marketing, how much campaigns cost, and how to go about running one… Now an almost $2 billion industry, Instagram influencer marketing has taken the social media world by storm. In recent years, Instagram users the globe over have begun making a living […]

10 Content Marketing Strategies Every Brand Must Use On Instagram

Here are 10 ideas to include in your Instagram content marketing strategy… Instagram has evolved. From an upstart social media platform that allowed users to post photographs and short captions to a venue that now includes discussions, videos, stories, GIFS, and many more features, it’s clear that Instagram has become an important “driver of small […]

Best Time To Post On Instagram

The Best Time To Post On Instagram: ⬆️ Free Tool From Hopper HQ ⬆️ 1. What is the best time to post on Instagram? 2. How can you find your best time to post? 3. Why is it important to know when to post? 4. The Instagram algorithm explained 5. What if your best time to […]

How To Schedule Facebook Posts

With Facebook being a vital tool for any business marketing strategy, it’s important that social media managers keep their Facebook Business page up to date with good, frequent content. For those managing multiple channels and even accounts, this can be a hefty, time-consuming task. The solution is therefore to plan and schedule Facebook posts in […]

Instagram Rich List

The 2018 Instagram Rich List – Who Earns The Most From Social Media?

In recent years, Instagram has become a full-time career for many, with influencers and celebrities earning huge pay cheques from paid posts and partner marketing campaigns. But just how much are some of the top Instagram stars making from these posts? For the second year running, we have produced the official Instagram Rich List! Based […]


The All-In-One Guide To Instagram Hashtags

Hashtag your way to a bigger following with this simple guide to Instagram Hashtags! Whether you’re just starting out with Instagram marketing, or you’re looking to fine-tune your strategy with Instagram hashtags, this resource will help you each step of the way… Contents: The Basics #️⃣ How To Choose Instagram Hashtags 🤔 Hopper HQ’s Hashtag Top […]