Top Digital Marketing Experts to Follow

Top-rated digital marketing experts everywhere! You may be wondering what makes them so unique? The answer is simple: their expertise could be the key to your online success! Please look at what it means to be an online marketing expert, why digital marketing experts are becoming so important, and how marketers are becoming more proficient in their […]

How To Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

Wondering how to post to Instagram from a PC or Mac computer? You’re in the right place… To the dismay of people all over the world, Instagram does not allow us to upload photos or videos to our profiles from your desktop or laptop. This is an intentional move from Instagram to encourage mobile use […]

The 2021 Instagram Rich List — Who Earns The Most From Sponsored Instagram Posts?

We’re celebrating five years of the Instagram Rich List! ✨ Yes, that’s right – five years of the Instagram Rich List! This year we’ve seen women continue to dominate the leaderboard, accounting for 56% of the highest-earning influencers on Instagram in 2021. We’ve also seen enormous growth in the representation of influencers in Africa and […]

Scheduling Social Media Posts

The perfect post need not be an abstract concept. Here, at Hopper HQ, we’ve made scheduling social media posts simple. Our platform oozes usability and gives you the control to personalise and edit posts within a few clicks.

Scheduling Content: Getting Started

If you’re new to this, or, simply want a refresh, check out our best practice tips to consider before you start scheduling content with Hopper HQ.