10 Effective Strategies for Social Media Lead Generation

Lead generation is a crucial aspect of any business’s success, and social media has become a powerful tool in achieving this goal. According to recent studies, 75% of social media users research products on social platforms, making social media for lead generation a prime channel for reaching and engaging potential leads. In this article, we […]

How to Create an Instagram Collab Post

In the dynamic world of social media, an Instagram collab post has become an essential strategy for influencers and brands alike. These partnerships enable influencers to expand their reach, while brands benefit from increased exposure and authenticity. However, executing a successful Instagram collaboration requires careful planning, effective communication, and strategic execution. This guide will delve […]

Autopost your Instagram Stories with Hopper HQ

We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to Hopper HQ’s Instagram suite: the Instagram Stories autopost feature. With this new functionality, users can effortlessly schedule and publish engaging content as Stories directly from Hopper HQ. Streamlining their social media workflows and enhancing their Instagram marketing strategies. So, what are the benefits that this powerful feature […]

10+ ways to fight the shadowban on Instagram

The Instagram shadowban may be unofficial, but the dread is real. When your Instagram posts are suddenly getting fewer likes and comments, it may be because of what users refer to as an ‘Instagram shadowban’ or ‘shadow banning’.  Instagram has officially stated that shadowban is a broad term people use to conclude why certain content […]

The Best Time to Post YouTube Shorts

Shortform video is a relatively new feature for YouTube, so, this article is to help you understand when is the best time to post on YouTube Shorts. As a brand or influencer, it’s important to pay attention to this trend as it can bring numerous benefits to your channel. The most obvious one, which is […]

What Are YouTube Shorts & How To Make Them (with 3 brand examples)

YouTube Shorts is the latest addition to the YouTube family, taking the platform by storm. It’s a short-form video feature that lets creators share short, engaging videos with their followers. It’s inspired by the recent boom in the popularity of TikTok and short videos in general. Brands and influencers are eager to jump on this […]

Mobile phone with the a white padlock on a purple background

8 Recommended Security Measures For Businesses on Social Media

For people running their businesses on social media, security measures are rarely the priority. They are often lulled into a false sense of security, thinking the default measures of social media platforms are enough to shield their businesses. Thanks to this complacency, businesses are attacked almost 95 times a month on social media. The pitfalls […]

AI in Social Media: How to Use AI to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing

It’s been many years since we have used digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google, to help do household chores. For many people, these Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered machines have become an important part of their daily life. However, not everyone knows that AI in social media helps gain a competitive edge when creating marketing […]

How To Use Metaverse Marketing in Social Media (with Examples)

We’ve all heard the term Metaverse, but what is it exactly? and how can your business leverage metaverse marketing in social media? Read on to find out. Metaverse is a virtual universe that tech experts believe to be the future of the Internet. It’s a conceptual virtual world that allows people to work, play, shop, […]

How to Schedule TikTok Posts on Desktop & Mobile

Want to learn how to schedule TikTok posts on desktop and mobile? You’ve come to the right place. Tired of being glued to your phone trying to keep up with your TikTok posting schedule? Ever wished you could just set your TikTok content to post at a specific time, freeing you up to focus on […]