Best Practice Tips for Managing Instagram Video Content

Whether to be entertained, learn something new, discover brands, or buy products, audiences love watching videos on Instagram. And well aware of this growing trend, the social media platform is constantly developing new tools and features to make video content even more appealing to its users. For businesses, this creates an excellent opportunity to deliver […]

Getting The Most From Your Sponsored Instagram Story

Since Instagram launched its Stories feature in 2016, the number of people using the app has rocketed from millions to billions of monthly active users.   Statistics released by Instagram show that businesses are responsible for creating one-third of the most viewed stories. This is no surprise since they also show that 90% of accounts follow […]


The Different Stages of Instagram Growth

How to supercharge your Instagram from Zero to 10k. If you’re serious about growing on Instagram then this guide is for you. Whether you’ve just started out and you have less than 1K followers or you’re a big player with over 100K followers, learning the different fundamental stages to growth and how to get to […]

How To Create Successful Social Media Ads

As good and important as it is to have an active organic social media presence, ads will be necessary to reach a new and highly targeted audience. Our best practice guide will keep your social media ad strategy focused so you maximise ROI, as well as give you some top tips to implement across your […]

A Guide To Social Media Marketing For Business In 2022

Social media marketing is an ever-changing game, and with a new year upon us, we’ve created a guide to help businesses succeed across all social networks… Social media is a staple area of digital marketing for businesses of all shapes and sizes, industries and audiences. However, with updates and new releases making it an ever-shifting […]

A Guide On How to Effectively Reach Your Target Audience on Instagram

If marketing on Instagram is a part of your social media marketing arsenal, knowing how to reach your target audience effectively is crucial. Understandably, once you can successfully identify the people you are targeting, your next challenge would be to find a way to reach them effectively. Below are some of the most effective ways […]

How to Get Verified on Twitter

Ah yes, the blue tick of Twitter. When it comes to this powerhouse of a social media platform, the verified blue tick is one of the most essential sources of credibility you can have. Whether you’re an influencer, public person, blogger, or just someone with something to say, having the blue tick instantly makes other […]

Achieving Instagram Growth for Your Business

If you’re a business owner or a marketer, you probably already understand the importance of social media when it comes to growth and your digital footprint. But if you’re not utilizing Instagram to grow your business, you could be missing out on a large audience.  As of 2018, there were over 25 million businesses on […]

4 Best Ways to Make Money Through Instagram

Instagram.  The name itself spells magic for content creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Why so? With 500 million+ daily active users, the penetration and reach of the platform are unrivalled. When the user base is this large, you can safely assume that there is a niche audience out there for you. If you play your cards […]

How to Search and Analyse Competitors on Instagram

Trying to set your Instagram feed apart from the competition, but don’t know where to start? Well, it’s much easier than you think – the key to success is competitor analysis.   There are a few solid grounds as to why it is important to analyze your competitor’s accounts. Experience shows that it is important not […]