Top 12 Sprout Social Alternatives & Review

Looking for Sprout Social Alternatives? We’ve got you covered…

There’s no doubt about it: social media plays a huge part in how people interact with your brand, it’s also a key channel to building a community with your followers and getting your name out there.

Using a social media management tool does a lot of the legwork for you; You can manage your social media presence across multiple platforms, schedule posts, edit captions, add hashtags, and view analytics, all from one place.

In your search for the right social media management tool, you might have come across Sprout Social; one of the many social media management tools on the market. However, Sprout Social may not be your first choice depending on your business’s varying needs and budget constraints.

Enter Sprout Social alternatives

In this post, we’ll review Sprout Social features, pricing, pros and cons, and top alternatives.

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What is Sprout Social?

Sprout Social is a social media management tool that helps in managing, monitoring, scheduling, analyzing, reporting, and publishing social media profiles individually or within a team. 

Sprout Social supports scheduling for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and TikTok.

Why consider alternatives to Sprout Social?

Social media management tools have different features, pricing and strengths. What works for your brand depends on your social media and business goals. Before subscribing to a tool think about the following: 

  1. User experience
  2. Features offered
  3. Customer support
  4. Team collaboration tools
  5. Analytics and reporting
  6. Supported social media platforms
  7. Pricing
  8. Scale

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Perhaps Sprout Social is out of your marketing budget, or it doesn’t integrate with the social network you need. 

We’ve done a detailed analysis of Sprout Social’s pros and cons to give you a holistic perspective of the tool and help you make the right choice.

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Sprout Social pros and cons

Here is a breakdown of Sprout Social’s strengths and weaknesses.

Sprout Social advantages

  • Supports major social media platforms
  • Analytics across social networks 
  • Approval workflows for content 
  • Offers CRM integrations and helpdesk options

Sprout Social disadvantages

  • User-based pricing makes the tool expensive for teams 
  • Limited social listening features
  • Features like trend analysis for Twitter keywords and hashtags are only available on the professional plan at $149per user/month.

Hopper HQ: the best Sprout Social alternative

Hopper HQ has an incredibly easy user Interface and setup process. It supports scheduling for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest at a more affordable price than Sprout Social and other alternatives. 

With Hopper HQ, you can manage all your brand’s social media profiles on a single dashboard. You can upload multiple posts, edit your images and videos, add captions, hashtags, and first comments, schedule posts, reels, and stories, dive into post and account analytics and discover the best times to post for maximum engagement on different social networks.

Hopper HQ also has a Mobile app to track your scheduled posts, which makes it simple to navigate and manage your social media wherever you are.

Hopper HQ features include:

  1. Auto-post your images, reels, and carousel posts
  2. Content repurposing. Reschedule and repost your high-performing content
  3. Repost from TikTok to Instagram without the TikTok watermark
  4. Calendar and Grid Planner
  5. Bulk upload up to 50 posts at once
  6. Drag and drop posts into place
  7. Create one post and schedule it to all your social networks – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and Pinterest
  8. Collaborate with team members and customize user permissions per account.
  9. Account and post analytics
  10. Target your audience at the times and locations they’re most active
  11. Auto-post your first comment
  12. Discover relevant #hashtags and how often they’re used
  13. Tag accounts and Locations
  14. Full image editing
  15. Get the perfect image dimensions with our pre-set crop sizes
Repost TikTok Videos to Instagram

Automatically post your TikTok videos to Instagram. without watermark!

Hopper HQ supported social platforms

  • Instagram
  • TikTok  
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Hopper HQ Pricing

Hopper HQ is one of the most affordable social media tools available for small businesses and brands. Pricing starts as low as $16.15/month billed annually, or $19/month billed monthly, with a 14-day free trial on all plans. 

All you need to do is decide the number of social media accounts you need to manage using Hopper HQ, and it calculates the price according to the number of accounts you choose.

Hopper HQ pricing
Hopper HQ pricing

Pricing includes unlimited posts and 1 bundle of social accounts (1 Instagram account + 1 Facebook account + 1 Twitter account + 1 Linkedin account + 1 TikTok account + 1 Pinterest account) at $16.15/month

There is a discount for plans with more than 5 bundles of social accounts.

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Who’s Sprout Social best for?

Sprout Social can be suitable for marketers at different levels, however, the pricing model based on a per user per month makes Sprout Social a pricy option for a small business or agency managing multiple clients and social accounts; its basic standard plan starts at $89 per user/month. 

Sprout Social features

Sprout Social offers an array of features that include: 

  • Sprout Social publishing and scheduling
  • Sprout Social listening 
  • Sprout Social Smart Inbox to view messages from your followers
  • Team collaboration
  • Sprout Social analytics and reports
Sprout Social Dashboard
Sprout Social Dashboard

Sprout Social Analytics

A strong Analytics feature is crucial for social media marketers when considering a social media tool. 

Sprout Social Analytics data offers reports that give insights into the overall performance as well as the performance of your posts, pages, campaigns, and competitors. 

You can also get details on how your social profiles are fostering engagement with metrics like net audience growth, impressions, engagement rate per impression, and video views.

Hopper HQ offers one of the most intuitive and detailed analytics which makes it a great alternative to Sprout Social. 

You can easily connect the dots and know what content your audience likes to engage with, know the location of your audience, and discover the best time to post across different time zones depending on your followers’ locations.

There are different reports you can access with Hopper HQ analytics:

  1. The Hopper HQ posts analytics include metrics like: impressions, likes, comments, engagement rate,  reach, and saves.
hopper hq post analytics
Hopper HQ post analytics
  1. The Hopper HQ account analytics include the following metrics: new follower growth, impressions, reach, profile views, website clicks, and email clicks.
Hopper HQ account analytics
Hopper HQ account analytics
Find your best time to post ⏰

Schedule your social media posts at your optimal times and watch your engagement skyrocket with Hopper HQ! 

  1. Recommendations on the best times to schedule and publish content to get maximum engagement from your audience. 
Hopper HQ best time to post
  1. Report on your audience’s age, gender, and location.

Explore The Data Behind Your Social Media Accounts 📊

Find the best time to post, track your follower growth, and understand what content works best with post and account analytics.

Sprout Social reviews

Here’s what Sprout Social users had to say about the tool:

Sprout Social Reviews
Sprout Social Reviews G2
Sprout Social Reviews GetApp

Sprout Social pricing + plans

Sprout Social offers a 30-day free trial on all its plans. You can select any plan that fits your business needs. Below is a breakdown of the plans

1. Standard Plan- $89 per user/month (billed annually) or $99 month-to-month

The standard plan includes the following:

  • 5 social profiles
  • Publish, schedule, draft and queue posts
  • Social content calendar
  • Review management
  • Profiles, keywords and locations monitoring

2. Professional plan- $149 per user/month (billed annually) or $169 month-to-month

Professional includes:

  • 10 social profiles
  • Everything in Standard, plus
  • Competitive reports for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Incoming and outgoing message content tagging
  • Custom workflows for multiple approvers and steps

3. Advanced – $249 per user/month (billed annually) or $279 month-to-month

Advanced includes:

  • 10 social profiles
  • Everything in Professional, plus
  • Message Spike Alerts for increased message activity
  • Digital asset and content library
  • Chatbots with automation tools
Sprout Social pricing + plans
Sprout Social pricing + plans

Sprout Social makes it possible for you to switch plans at any time, even during the free trial. Also, it allows you to add additional social profiles for some extra charges, without needing to upgrade to a higher plan.

Top 12 Sprout Social alternatives

  1. Hopper HQ

Hopper HQ is a great alternative to Sprout Social. Hopper HQ stands out because of its easy to use and intuitive dashboard. Excellent customer support, and competitive pricing and plans.

Hopper HQ offers features like scheduling, publishing, hashtags, team collaboration, and social media analytics at an affordable price that’s suitable for businesses and agencies alike to grow their social presence seamlessly. 

You can enjoy all the features for as low as $16.25/month for a single social bundle (Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest and Facebook) with no limitations on the number of users, whereas Sprout Social pricing begins at $99 per user/month with an additional cost for each added user and goes as high as $279 per user/month.

And it gets better…

Hopper HQ has a friendly user interface that enables you to navigate the dashboard quickly. Its features are easy to access and learn. It is the least time-consuming platform for marketers.

Hopper HQ customer service is supported by humans on all its plans. They are always on time to attend to your requests and complaints. 

Below is a comparison table of Hopper HQ and Sprout Social.

FeaturesSprout SocialHopper HQ
Pricing€99 per user/month – €279 per user/month$16.25 per social bundle/month 
Number of usersAdditional cost per added userunlimited
Free trial
Free version
Customer support
Analytics and reporting⛔Advanced analytics not available for all plans✅Advanced analytics available for all plans
Automated publishing
Calendar Management
Drag and drop grid planner
Image Editing
Multi-Account management 
For small businesses⛔ too expensive for small businesses
Instagram Reels auto posting
Social networksInstagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest, YoutubeInstagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest  Twitter & Facebook
Supports images, videos and carousel posts
Instagram Stories scheduling
TikTok to Instagram content repurposing (no watermark)
first comment scheduling and auto-posting 
Hashtag suggestions
Bulk upload & edit all media at once
Choose between auto posting or posting with reminders
Review your feed with or without Reels
Easy to use and intuitive interface✅ User friendly✅ User friendly 
Best time to post tool
Mobile apps
Full Emoji support
Schedule posts across different time zones of the audience
Capterra Review Score4.44.7
Sprout Social vs Hopper HQ
Simple Post, Story + Reel Scheduling ✨

Visually plan your social content. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn + Pinterest

  1. Social Champ 

If you’re a brand looking to grow your social media reach, Social Champ is another option. The tool gives you the opportunity to view and manage all your favourite social platforms in one place. It offers Bulk Scheduling, Content Suggestion, Auto RSS, and Social Media Calendar to plan and a lot more across multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. It also supports Google Business Profile (GBP).

Sprout Social Alternative Social Champ
  1. Buffer

Buffer is a scheduling tool that offers features like Content creation, Calendar, Scheduling tools, First comment, Shop grid, Analytics, Audience demographics, Scheduling recommendations, and URL shortener. Buffer is best for Individuals, Startups, Small businesses, Media marketing, Team collaboration, and agencies who are out to grow their audience organically. It allows you schedule post across Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest,

Sprout Social Alternative Buffer
  1. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a simple but powerful social media management tool for small businesses. It gives you the opportunity to focus on making your product better while keeping your audience engaged and driving new followers, leads, and sales. The platform offers features to schedule, monitor and build a library of content organised by category. MeetEdgar also supports integration with: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile (GBP).

Sprout Social Alternative Meet Edgar
Schedule TikTok Posts from Your PC

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  1. PromoRepublic

Promo Republic Is an all-in-one local market platform with which you can choose a solution perfectly tailored to your business. It’s best for small businesses, freelancers, and marketing agencies. Their features include graphics editor, collaboration platform, and other scheduling features. Supported platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest,

Sprout Social Alternative PromoRepublic
  1. is a social media management tool and one of many Sprout Social alternatives that offer basic features like scheduling, reporting, monitoring bulk upload, mobile application, desktop application and team support which allows you to Invite your co-workers and friends to help you to publish content. Supported platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest,

Sprout Social Alternative
  1. Postify

Postfity is a social media tool with an easy-to-use interface used by marketers. It is good for social media graphics editing, video scheduling and also has all your major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs) in one place.

Sprout Social Alternative Postify
Plan your social media posts.

Visually plan your posts. Drag and drop everywhere.

  1. Loomly

Loomly is a social media management tool good for teamwork. It promises a workflow without the need of spreadsheet, and you can manage all your social media content — organic posts and ads — from one platform, while also helping you store, organize and use your assets in a central, intuitive Library. It integrates with popular tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others but has limited integrations for big businesses and some apps. It has a social media calendar as well as content suggestions which help in proper organizing and scheduling.

Sprout Social Alternative Loomly
  1. SocialOomph

Social Oomph is a social media management tool for teams and individuals. It supports Social posts (Discord channels, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Mastodon profiles and Twitter profiles), blog posts (Tumblr blogs, blogs and blogs). It promises precise scheduling, post queues, RSS feeds, webhooks, bulk uploading, self-destructive post and post-flood control.

Sprout Social Alternative Socialoomph
  1. Agorapulse 

Agorapulse is a social media marketing tool used by marketers and business owners to schedule post, preview, customization and publish content on their social media platform directly from within one platform. The platform supports integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn YouTube and Instagram accounts. It provides you with insightful analytics so you can make data-driven decisions for your business.

Sprout Social Alternative Agorapulse
  1. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a social media management platform for managing all social campaigns. Plan, create, analyze and schedule all posts from one place, to be published to the right channels at the right time. Support integration with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube

Sprout Social Alternative ContentStudio
  1. is a social media management platform and one of Sprout Social alternatives that promises a seamless solution to marketing challenges. Marketers and business owners leverage its features to channel their marketing effort effectively. The platform can be used for brand management, competitor analysis, crisis management, market research, trend analysis and much more. Support integration with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube and Pinterest.

Sprout Social Alternative
TRY HOPPER HQ FREERefreshingly Simple Post, Story + Reel Scheduling

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What is Sprout Social?

Sprout Social is one of the numerous social media management tools that help marketers, agencies, businesses and brands to manage multiple social media profiles individually or within a team.

Does Sprout Social have a free version?

Sprout Social has no free version but offers a 30-day free trial on all its plans.

What is the best alternative to Sprout Social?

Hopper HQ is a great alternative to Sprout Social that offers amazing features like post, story, and reel scheduling, auto-publishing, hashtags, and social media analytics at an affordable price. Hopper HQ supports scheduling for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

What is the startup price for Sprout Social?

Sprout Social pricing begins at $99 per user/month with an additional cost for each added user and goes as high as $279 per user/month.

Simple Post, Story + Reel Scheduling ✨

Visually plan your social content. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn + Pinterest.