How to Get More Views on TikTok (2024)

It is not easy to get more views on TikTok organically regardless if you’re new on TikTok or have been around for a while.

Views are important on TikTok as they can create a snowballing effect. That is the more views a video gets, the more likely it will be served to larger audiences. 

But more importantly, the TikTok algorithm relies on how a user views and interacts with your video (watch time and engagement) to learn if they should display your video. 

In this article, we will be covering everything essential about marketing on TikTok. But first, let’s understand TikTok’s definition of a view

What is considered a view on TikTok?

On TikTok, a view is considered to be the very second a user starts to play your TikTok video. 

This also applies to the scenario where the video auto-plays, loops, or a user rewatches it. Every watch counts as a new unique view. 

However, TikTok’s only exception to the view count is when you watch your own video. In this case, you’ll not be considered as a view.

Why am I not Getting Views on TikTok?

If you are getting zero or low views on your TikTok videos, it can come down to several reasons:

1) New accounts:

These may not get views immediately. Research popular trends and create a consistent posting schedule to get your initial views.   

2) Sensitive content:

Such as fake blood, though it does not violate TikTok’s terms of service, can be sensitive to certain viewers and can cause drops in views. 

3) Low engagement:

This happens when users do not like or share your video and can cause TikTok to stop showing those videos as it is seen as unpopular content. 

4) Shadowban:

A shadowban is a light ban on content creators when they violate minor terms of service, and that can be anything related to sharing sensitive content.

5) Posting times:

Posting at the wrong time can be detrimental as you won’t reach your target audience and risk being pushed down by other content creators on the feed. 

How much does TikTok pay per view?

TikTok has a Creator Fund that is said to pay around 2 to 4 cents for every 1,000 views, meaning a creator earns between $20 to $40 for every 1 million views. However, how much exactly you’d earn per view is subjective and will most likely depend on certain requirements.

Although, every user who is considering betting paid per view will have to at least meet these requirements, of being over 18, having at least 10,000 followers, and other criteria.  

Want to know how much TikTok creators make on the platform? Check out our 2022 TikTok Rich List to see the top TikTok influencers lip-syncing their way to the bank.

Should you buy TikTok views?

No. It is a bad idea to buy TikTok views since the sites offering the service often use fake accounts or bots to watch your videos. 

While seeing a jump in views may feel amazing, this is just a number. 

Buying views can cause your engagement rate to fall without authentic likes and shares, which can cause a negative impact on your TikTok account. 

Besides, it can be easy to spot an account or post buying fake views, which can reflect poorly on your brand.

So, instead, invest time and focus on making your videos enjoyable. Your post will naturally get likes and shares, allowing the views to pour in organically.

More specifically, here are 11 tips on how to get views on TikTok and create content that will have your followers coming back for more.

How to get more views on TikTok videos?

1. Know your audience

Before anything, it’s important to remember that while all kinds of people use TikTok, the app is primarily home to Gen Z. 

43.7% of users on TikTok are between the ages of 18 to 24. They are mainly people who are not interested in overly promotional content. 

Instead, they are looking for fun, innovative, and inspiring content on the app. So be authentic and make creative TikTok videos with your audience and their interests in mind.  

2. Add hashtags to your TikTok videos

For any brand to gain traction on a social media platform, you need to get users to discover your content in the first place. 

With the TikTok algorithm that prioritizes personalization for each user, adding #hashtags can boost your discovery to reach people with relevant interests. 

Remember, the main goal is to attract the right followers and monetize your audience. So, pick hashtags that are relevant to your keywords. 

Another tip is to add #fyp, #foryou, or #foryoupage tags in your video captions, which would make your videos more likely to surface on people’s For You pages. 

@bellapoarch To the 🐝 🐝 🐝 #fyp ♬ M to the B – Millie B

For brands using TikTok marketing, one of the main goals is to land on the For You Page. That is the first page users land on when they open their app.  

While it is a curated feed of videos based on your interests and past interactions, popular trends can also end up being featured on everyone’s For You Page. 

The thing with trends on TikTok is that they can change weekly, so research popular trends and hop on challenges to make your brand relevant. 

For example, Candyfunhouse got 11.4k likes when they hopped on the Stranger Things trend with their own take on what candy each character would like. 

@candyfunhouse Did we get it right? #fyp #strangerthings #strangerthings4 #eleven #tv #tvshow #trend ♬ Stranger Things – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

4. Grab and hold the viewer’s attention

All engagement is good with TikTok videos. But unlike other social media platforms, watch time,  likes, and shares are the most important metrics on TikTok. 

The “batch” theory, one of the most popular theories on the TikTok algorithm, decides if your video gets shown to more people based on the ratio of likes- or engagement-to-views. 

Studying effective copywriting formulas such as using open-loop questions or powerful headlines can help grab viewer attention and improve your watch time and views.

Use that same powerful hook as a caption in your video, and you will see results immediately, just like all the videos created by Peachy Slime.

Every video shows the brand’s slime-making process and a user comment or question that prompts a story time, keeping viewers hooked and raking in millions of views. 

@peachyslime You’re my favorite if you saw that video 😭 btw restocks every Friday at 7pm EST 🚨 #fyp #peachyslime #story #storytime #howto #sosatisfying #tutorial ♬ cooking video – cooking

A trending song or sound effect works like hashtags in a way that TikTok will show your video to someone else who has watched or liked a video with that same sound. 

So chances are, if you use a viral song, your video may also go viral! 

One example is this TikTok from Savannah Bananas dancing to Lizzo’s #aboutdamntime that got them millions of views.

@thesavbananas How’d we do? @lizzo #savannahbananas #baseball #mlb #dance #aboutdamntime #viral #fypシ #baseballboys ♬ about damn time x promiscuous – Adam Wright

6. Duet or collaborate with other TikTok users

Features like stitching or dueting viral videos work similarly to influencer marketing and are another great way to get more engagement. 

The feature allows newer brands to hop on existing trends for better exposure, while more established brands can collaborate with TikTok stars and encourage users to create content. 

For instance, the NBA’s tell me you are an NBA Fan without telling me you’re an NBA fan lets other users generate content around their brand, which brings them free publicity.

@nba First time #NBAAllStar ♬ original sound – NBA

7. Upload multiple times a day

It’s hard to predict what will go viral, but the best part about TikTok is the more content you post, the more quickly you can grow. 

TikTok recommends that users post new, intentional content regularly, ideally around 1 to 4 times a day. 

This is because posting more content will allow you to experiment with different content and amass an audience. 

Besides, TikTok’s organic reach is high compared to other social media platforms. Posting the right content at the right time can boost any chances of showing up on viewers’ For You page. 

8. Keep your videos short

According to digital communications expert Dan Slee, the optimal TikTok video length is just 15.6 seconds. 

The research is based on the top 100 TikTok videos of 2019, where he found that 80% of them were 20 seconds or less, and only 2% of the videos ran the maximum length. 

The result is not surprising. As with shorter videos, your videos will have a higher completion rate and a higher chance of being rewatched.  

9. Create content that offers value

Though TikTok is about creating trending content, brands should include content that offers value, such as educational or informational content. 

Consider the 80/20 rule where 80% of your posts provide value (e.g., inform or entertain) while only 20% promote your business. 

Cees Cees Closet does an excellent job at this, sharing entertaining skincare content while promoting her exfoliating product. 

@ceeceesclosetnyc You’ll be so glad you did 😉 #africanexfoliatingnet #skincareproductsmusthave #clearskinroutine #dryskinroutine #skincareproductsthatwork #dryskinremedies #crustymustydusty #clearskintips #africanexfoliatingsponge #africannet #africansponge ♬ Aguante boooooca – Mateo Furtado

10. Research competitors and track your analytics

It doesn’t matter what platform you are in — marketing is a game of competing for your audience’s attention. 

Research your competitors and understand their brand message to identify your unique selling point and find opportunities to differentiate your brand from them. 

Plus, sign up to TikTok Pro to keep track of your analytics remove any guesswork from your content strategy, and find out what kind of content your audience likes best. 

11. Promote your TikTok content

TikTok is most likely only a part of your social media strategy. You probably are active on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. 

If this is the case, promoting your TikTok content on other channels can create a synergistic marketing plan.  

You can also use TikTok in-feed advertising to promote your business and extend your reach to more audiences. 

12. Be consistent and post at ideal times

Regular posting keeps your content fresh and ensures that you remain visible to your audience. It helps in building a loyal following, as viewers often look forward to new content from their favorite creators.

Consistency also plays into the platform’s algorithm, increasing the chances of your videos being featured on the For You page, which can significantly boost your views.

Timing is equally crucial. Posting when your audience is most active ensures maximum engagement with your content. Since TikTok’s audience is global, identifying these peak times can be tricky and varies based on your specific audience demographic.

This is where a tool like Hopper HQ becomes invaluable. Hopper HQ simplifies these tasks by allowing you to schedule your videos in advance. This means you can plan and prepare your content when it suits you and have it go live at the best possible time for engagement.

Hopper HQ Schedule posts


TikTok, known for its massive reach and engagement, offers unparalleled opportunities for creators, influencers, and businesses alike to connect with a diverse and expansive audience. Enhancing your TikTok presence not only boosts your visibility but also opens the door to potential collaborations, brand partnerships, and even revenue generation.

To maximize your views on TikTok, remember to employ key strategies: create compelling, original content that resonates with your target audience; utilize trending hashtags and sounds to ride the wave of current trends; and post consistently at optimal times to ensure maximum visibility.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your TikTok journey. Try Hopper HQ for free today, and witness the transformative impact it can have on your TikTok visibility and engagement!

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Are TikTok views real?

Yes. TikTok views are real, and it counts every time someone watches your video. TikTok has strict policies, and the view count will reduce to zero If it is found that bots or fake accounts are contributing to your video views. 

How long does it take for a TikTok to get views?

TikTok videos can get views as soon as they are posted. However, this generally depends if they land on a user’s For You page. Posting consistently can boost the chance for your TikTok video to appear on other users’ feeds. 

How many views does it take to go viral?

There is no precise number of view counts for labelling viral content. As a rule of thumb, TikTok videos that get between 100,000 to 250,000 views can be considered mildly viral, while videos with over a million views are deemed successful.    

Why are my TikTok views suddenly dropping?

A drop in TikTok views may be due to an algorithm change, or your recent content hasn’t resonated with people in the same way. It can also mean that your content is getting repetitive and that it is time to change your style and experiment with new content. 

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