In Conversation with Astrid Mirabel

Astrid Mirabel is a passionate Holistic Psychotherapist whose role is to enable people to make the best possible choices about their personal life, health and Wellbeing. This is done by gently bringing them into a state of mindfulness and compassionate connection with themselves, and by guiding them around all the resistance within that is stopping them from aligning to their desires and Wellbeing.

Transformational Healing through Resistance Releasing techniques is the major and primary focus of her work. 

We had an enlightening chat about her work and services and, of course, her use of social media and Hopper HQ. Check out Astrid Mirabel’s booking platform to book a session!

Introducing Astrid Mirabel

My mission is to introduce people to themselves

My name is Astrid Mirabel and I am a licenced Psychotherapist by trade.  I am very holistic by nature and for me therapy is a vocation, it’s the movement that allows me to best express my Self, my abilities and qualities. It’s a way of being and living. I have a degree in Psychology, and in Psychotherapy & Counselling.

My mission is to introduce people to themselves because there has been a significant programming into who we are ‘supposed’ or defined to be.  And this flawed premise is the basis on how we perceive this reality and build our life, which is so far from who we truly are. I am really passionate about human transcending their limitations and breaking through their old paradigms. There is so much untapped potential that is left untouched by so many because of self-limitations due to flawed beliefs. 

So, It is time to unlearn the unhelpful things we have learnt from wounded people or people who clearly did not hold our best interests at heart.

I have thus collated over thirty years of study, research, applications of modalities in psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience (which I have a huge interest in) holistic techniques, alternative therapies. This provides the client with a comprehensive solution-based that achieves effective results much quicker, because people can express a pathology differently.

Astrid Mirabel

Can you explain what you mean by ‘programming’? 

Our thoughts, and therefore the formation of our beliefs, are largely influenced by those who came before us

Our seemingly solid beliefs are merely the coagulation of a series of individual thoughts that we at one time thought and then continued to think. Because, from the moment of our birth (and even before), our thoughts, and therefore the formation of our beliefs, are largely influenced by those who came before us. 

The thing we call our conscience is our impregnated belief (fostered upon by those who came before us) in that which is right versus that which is wrong for us to be, do, or have. And this belief system has been imposed upon us from the outside (parents, culture, school, religion etc.) and can be modified by the decree of whoever is currently influencing our thoughts. In other words, our diverse and flexible consciences have been moulded by the fears, praise, admonitions and promised rewards or threatened punishments to be administered (either now or later) by those generations who have come before us.

Quantum Science has shown us, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what we think, feel and believe has profound determination of our reality. It has also shown us that at the very basic foundation of physical existence there is no actual substance upon which life as we know it is built. There is only form — energy held in different patterns. As energy is held in various patterns, it creates different experiences in the physical world, impacting our perceptions, our beliefs, our vitality and our health. And so, our definitions shape our experiences and so the question is, Are we making choices from a limited or limitless perspective?

Until you put your beliefs aside, you will not see the world beyond your beliefs. Therefore, your redefinition of what it means to be a human being, your “Essential Self” requires that you love and accept every aspect of yourself—the enlightened part, the crazy part, the compassionate part, the loving, fearful, angry, and shameful parts, to allow you to access the whole of who You truly are and make choices from an empowered place.

Ultimately all therapy is psychotherapy. Because the actual cause of any physical (manifested) experience is first a mental experience.

What are release techniques? 

Everything is energy including our thoughts and emotions

The root cause of emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges — from stress at work to discord in relationships to chronic pain to financial lack — is energy. Or rather, these challenges are the result of subtle blockages within our body’s energy field.

Everything is energy including our thoughts and emotions. Thoughts cause biochemical reactions in our brain that release chemical signals, and those chemical signals make the body feel exactly the way we were just thinking.

By releasing “the story” your mind is telling you about what is and isn’t possible for you. It all begins with clearing and working with the energy patterns that form your inner and outer experiences so you can fully master the energy that is you.

We are multidimensional human beings. There is more to us than meets the eye, even more to us than meets the mind.

I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), EFT, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, Psychometrics, Access Bars, Reiki and Massage techniques, to deal more effectively with the different pathologies and with blocked energies and bring a transforming life-changing result.

These are techniques studied to let go of fear-based beliefs. In fact it is safe to do so and when you free yourself out of this limitation mindset by choice, you then discover a new world, so to speak, full of new opportunities you couldn’t have access to, as long as you were in the vibration of fear and lack.

This means creating safe attachment with the client’s wounded aspects of self so they can stay in an energetic space that supports their healing and reintegration

Really interesting, any other main techniques?

 Breathwork is our anchor.

As a human being, one of our greatest unclaimed powers is the ability of our heart to produce harmonic fields. These are real forces that affect the realities of our own body-mind system, 

Each cell of our body emits light. This type of biologically-based light has been identified as Biophotons in the new science of Biophotonics. This is not a metaphor. It is a physical reality of your bodily nature.

I work a lot with Breath work and hold Meditation workshops. Life, is the breath in each moment, for without the breath there is no life. Breathwork is our anchor. 

Deep breathing is a big part of our well-Being because with that deep breath, there is activation on a cellular level. It is the current that carries the vitality to the extremities of the cells. And the more we are breathing the more we are thriving.

When you feel anxious, scared or uncertain, if you learn to stay with the breath, so you can call your tension into your heart centre, and you slow your breathing, just a few breaths slower than usual. This tells your body that you are safe, you’re in a place that’s safe and you feel safe. It’s a switch, it’s like an emotional trigger that frees the rejuvenating in a healing chemistry in the body because the stress and survival chemistry is not needed if you feel safe.

So when you slow your breathing and focus in your heart, that is the doorway.

In regards to the Meditation work, it needn’t be a complicated process at all. You are going into meditation for one reason only, and that is to quiet your mind in order to release resistant thought in order to tune your vibration upward, so that it comes closer and closer to that of your source energy.

How do you use social media for your work?

I appreciate social media for what it is

In the digital age, you cannot approach your healing journey like a computer with secret short cuts to learn. Each step of this journey must be done with honesty, humility, and earnestness. If not, you will remain at the exact step you are on, unable to proceed until a more authentic version of self arrives to advance your journey forward. This is why everyone deserves more love, not less.

I appreciate social media for what it is, it gives me a forum to reach simultaneously many people in different time zones, to empower different groups of people at the same time. It also allow me to promote my work and put myself out there so to speak.

Why do people usually come to you? 

My role is to restore their ability to make more deliberate choices from an empowered place

No one ever comes to the conclusion that ‘chaos’ is chaos, unless they have known the feeling of clarity… So, my role is to restore their ability to make more deliberate choices from an empowered place, so they can get back into their own alignment; especially those who don’t believe that they can be happy under the conditions of their life. And that’s the part that I have to help them understand, that their happiness isn’t about what’s going on, but what’s going on is about their happiness. So I let them know that I’ll be right there with them helping them to find it.

Individuals who come to me, deep down feel the call toward more, they know that there is more to them and there are those who feel ready to engage in transformation and healing, because they have been in pain for a long time and can no longer stay in that place. 

I strongly believe in human’s true potential for greatness and my gift is to see the expression of people’s higher self and my role is to “extract” that wave and make it dominant to them so they can re-connect with the whole of their identity. 

What do you like about Hopper HQ

It’s very easy to work with.

Obviously, because it can schedule your stuff.  This is the allure.  It’s to have a tool to schedule your work for you.  Just, you know, you can schedule whenever, I very much like that.  It’s very easy to work with. 

If I have a problem, I just send an email to customer services and boom, I’ve got my answer.  So there is no struggle.  So yes, I very much love Hopper HQ. 

What are the benefits of scheduling content?

The benefit is that it’s a huge chunk off my load.  It saves time!

I mean, obviously time wise!  Sometimes I could spend a whole day writing and then I have to reduce that content into a post that people are going to understand.  Because I understand it one particular way when it comes to me and I have to make it translatable to the public.  So that is a huge amount of work. 

I’m very happy that I have a social media manager tool.  The benefit is that it’s a huge chunk off my load.  It saves time! So when you have something like Hopper HQ it’s literally a helper.

Seriously, when you have a business, you do realize every little helps. 

Are there any exciting projects planned for the future?

I have branched into film-making as I was inspired to produce short films on the abundance of wellbeing that permeates our physicality. This is a year-long course and I have great plans and ideas. It’s the next logical step.

I am launching a new really exciting project about female healing and empowerment circle, the Wellbeing Dojo,  as I am aware that therapy is not accessible to everyone. So, this is a more accessible version.

How can people contact you to make an appointment?

I have an online booking system!

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