Instagram On PC – 16 Things You Should Know

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and can be used on both a smartphone and a PC. Millions of users log in every day on Instagram to view and share images and videos from their lives. While a majority of users have gotten used to using Instagram on their smartphones, using it on a PC is not that difficult either. It offers pretty much all the features you get access to on a smartphone, although a few things may be different.

This article will answer all the questions you may have about using Instagram on your PC. Keep on reading to know more!

1. How do you schedule Instagram posts from PC

There are several ways to schedule your Instagram posts from a computer. The easiest way is to use an application like Hopper HQ for this purpose. 

Hopper HQ has a 14-day free trial to get started. Register an account with your email address, connect the app with your Instagram account, and get going. 

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2. How do I view my Instagram likes on my PC?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not permit you to view posts you have recently liked from a PC. You may however use an Android emulator like Bluestacks that simulates a smartphone experience on your desktop computer. Read more on how to do this in this article.

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3. How to swipe through photos on Instagram on PC?

Instagram posts with multiple photos are called carousels. Swiping through such carousel posts from your PC is pretty much the same as how you do it from your smartphone.

When you open a carousel post on your PC, you will be presented with two ‘arrow like’ icons on the image – one on the left side of the photo, and another on the right side. You may click on these icons to swipe through the photos on that particular post. 

Alternatively, you can even use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll through the photos on an Instagram post. 

4. How to scroll on Instagram PC?

The simplest way to scroll through Instagram on your PC is by pressing the spacebar key on your keyboard. You can keep the spacebar key pressed if you want to reach the bottom of someone’s profile on Instagram. Or, you can press and release the spacebar key to scroll through the home feed.

Additionally, you can also use the touch keypad, or the Up and Down arrows on your laptop keyboard to scroll up and down on Instagram. If you use a mouse for navigation, you may scroll up or down on Instagram using the scroll wheel.

5. How to control the volume on Instagram on PC?

When you watch a video on Instagram from your PC, you might want to adjust its volumes. Follow the following steps to control the volume on Instagram from your PC:

  • First, make sure that the sound is playing in the video.
  • If it is not playing, you can click on the tiny audio icon present at the bottom-right of the video.
  • To adjust the volume, click on the speaker icon on your computer to increase or reduce volume.

6. How to see tagged photos on Instagram from your PC?

To see pictures you have been tagged in, follow the following steps:

  • Click on your profile picture on the top right of the screen, and then pick ‘Profile’ from the options
  • You will see four options on your profile as shown in the image below.
  • Click on the feature ‘TAGGED’ and you will see all the posts you have been tagged in.

7. How to delete a photo or comment on Instagram on PC?

While a lot of Instagram features that you have access to on your smartphone are missing on the web version, deleting a photo or comment is thankfully possible. Here is how you can do it.

To delete a photo on Instagram from your PC, follow these steps:

  • Open the Instagram post that you want to delete.
  • Next to your username, you will see an option with ‘three dots’.
  • Click on it and select ‘Delete’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Your post will be deleted.

However, remember that it is not possible to delete a single picture from your carousel post. If you want to delete one picture from a carousel, you will have to delete the entire post.

To delete a comment on Instagram from your PC, follow these steps:

  • Open the post with the comment(s) you want to delete.
  • Hover your mouse over the comment and you will see an option with ‘three dots’.
  • Click on it and select ‘Delete’ from the drag-down menu.
  • The comment will be deleted.
  • If you want to delete multiple comments, you will have to delete them one by one.

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8. How to repost on Instagram from a PC?

As per the Instagram Terms of Use, you need the user’s permission before reposting their content. If you do not adhere to the rules and regulations, your account will be disabled. In addition, you also need to give credit to the user for allowing you to post their content.

The most common ways of reposting on Instagram from PC are:

Sharing a picture/video post on your story

This is one of the easiest ways to repost on Instagram from your PC. All you need to do is find the post you want to repost, click on the share icon next to the comment icon and share it on your story. When your followers tap on the post, they will be redirected to the owner’s page. However, remember that this can only be done if the owner’s account is public.

Taking a screenshot of the post and posting it on your account

The next easiest option to repost is by taking a screenshot. This option can easily work with private accounts as well. Here is how you can take a screenshot on Windows and Mac OS:


Press the PrtSc (Print-Screen) button to take a screenshot of the entire screen. Then, you can use any editing tool and edit the post as needed.

Another way to take a screenshot is by using the Snipping Tool. With this, you can just capture the part of the post that you need.


Press Command+Shif+5 to take a screenshot.

Using third-party apps

This option requires you to log in to third-party apps which allow you to use their special features to repost a post on your Instagram.

Hot tip: Hopper HQ has a built-in tool to crop or edit any image you want to post on Instagram. You can try this, and all our scheduling features for free with our 14-day trial.

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9. How to create an Instagram account on PC without Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is an Android emulator that is commonly used to enable a smartphone experience from a desktop computer.

Creating an Instagram account on PC without Bluestacks is quite simple. You can follow these steps to create an Instagram account on your PC:

  • Visit the official website of Instagram from your web browser.
  • You will be presented with two options – Sign in or Log in.
  • Click on Log in to create an account.
  • Enter the details needed, such as your full name, date of birth, new username, password, etc.
  • Once you fill up all the details, Instagram will send a verification link to the email address or phone number you mention while creating your account.
  • You can log in to your account with the registered email and verify your Instagram account.
  • Once your account is verified, you can start using it.

10. How to view Instagram Stories on your PC?

Viewing Instagram stories on your PC is pretty much the same as that of your smartphone. Follow these steps to view Instagram stories from your PC:

  • Go to the homepage of your account.
  • You will see all the active stories of the people you follow at the top of the page.
  • All you need to do is simply click on the user icon whose story you want to view.

11. How to unfollow someone on Instagram from a PC?

Unfollowing someone on Instagram from a computer is pretty much the same as how you do it from a smartphone. To do this,

  • Log in to your Instagram from a web browser on your PC.
  • Go to your profile by clicking on the icon with your profile picture on the right top of the page.
  • You will see three options next to your profile picture – Posts, Followers, and Following.
  • Click on Following. It will show you the names of all the users you follow.
  • Next to their usernames, you will see a tab ‘Following’.
  • To unfollow someone, click on that tab.
  • If it is a private account, Instagram will ask you to confirm whether you want to unfollow the user or not. You can click on Yes and unfollow the user.
  • If the account is not private, clicking on the tab will instantly remove the account from your Following list.

12. Can you do an Instagram video call on PC?

Unfortunately, no. Instagram on PC does not come with the option to make video calls. However, you can use third-party apps like Bluestacks to do this.

13. Can you call on Instagram from a PC?

You cannot make calls on Instagram from a PC. Instagram does not have the option to call from the platform. However, you can use third-party apps like Bluestacks to call from Instagram.

14. How do you find Facebook friends on Instagram on PC?

As of now, Instagram on PC does not give you the option to find your Facebook Friends on Instagram. If you want to follow your Facebook friends on Instagram, you will have to do so through the Instagram app on your smartphone. This feature works by syncing your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

15. How do you enable camera access on Instagram on a PC?

Instagram does not allow you to upload stories or posts from your PC. In order to record videos from your PC, use any web-based camera recorder application to record videos, and then post these videos on Instagram with an application like Hopper HQ

16. How do you edit images on Instagram from PC

The easiest way to edit images while posting on Instagram from a computer is to make use of a tool like Hopper HQ. 

Hopper HQ lets users post on Instagram from a PC or Mac. It comes with a built-in image editor application that has all the features you need to make great-looking pictures for your Instagram. 

Hopper HQ comes with a 14-day free trial. Try it out now (quick tip: you may be asked for your credit card information while signing up. Please note that you won’t be charged anything if you cancel before the trial period ends!)

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