The Top 15 Instagram Scheduling Apps for 2024

Find the perfect Instagram Scheduling Apps may be daunting as there is so much to choose from. This article is aimed at making the decision a little bit easier.

To keep up with the demands of effective social media marketing, you need an Instagram scheduler to simplify and automate team collaboration as well as social media marketing processes. Teams are spoiled for choice as the internet is flooded with a variety of scheduling options to choose from and pay for.

You deserve a glitch-free experience while doing social media marketing. Finding an optimal Instagram scheduling app will help you save time, collaborate better, and effectively meet your business goals. 

The 15 Best Instagram Scheduling Apps to Use in 2024

If you’re trying to choose a social media tool for Instagram marketing, here’s a list of the 15 best Instagram scheduling tools to help you stay on top of your social media marketing game.

1) Hopper HQ

Price: $16/month (annual billing)

Hopper HQ is an excellent social media scheduling platform comprising a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use elements. With Hopper HQ you can plan, edit and schedule you Instagram posts, stories and reels.

Some of these amazing features include

  • Content planning and visualization
  • Automatic posting management
  • Advanced visibility via branded agencies
  • Easy reel creation, bulk upload, scheduling, and preset sharing
  • Hashtag generation for optimal media coverage (offers 1000s of relevant suggestions in seconds)
  • Effortless story creation for the Instagram platform
  • Insightful analytics to monitor media growth
  • Premium content creation for viewer engagement
  • Seamless scheduling set-up for time management
  • Mobile platforms on Andriod and iOS devices
  • Multiple account management
  • Image cropping & editing
  • Team and client collaboration
hopper HQ Instagram grid planner

If you are looking for customer-centered Instagram scheduling apps with a team that cares about your success, try out Hopper HQ. It is the number 1 Instagram scheduling tool that helps entrepreneurs and social media managers like you produce quality content, coordinate its management and improve follower engagement from desktop and mobile phones. It supports social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

It offers affordable pricing plans of $16 per month (for annual billing) and $19 per month for monthly billings. It offers a 14-day trial to newcomers looking to explore its prospects on all plans. 

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some customers are saying about Hopper HQ’s ease of use, delivery, customer care, and satisfaction:

“Loving the Hopper experience so far. I’m still on my “Hopper” trial, but I must say I’m pretty smitten. I tried “Later” and was initially quite impressed, but I ran out of credits halfway through the month and they don’t allow you to top-up, so I thought I’d give Hopper a try and they haven’t disappointed. Hopper allows you to schedule unlimited posts per month and 50 in advance, which is perfect for me. What’s more, the customer service team at Hopper is exceptionally responsive and they seem to genuinely care about providing a great customer experience – big shout out to Isabel and Elle for that! If you’re serious about taking your social media to the next level, then I suggest you give Hopper a go.

Ms. J. Jordyn (February 2, 2022)

“In our busy lives we do not always get to post to company social media platforms, luckily with Hopper HQ ensuring there are regular posts is easy and can be scheduled months in advance to ensure there is always something happening. The ease of use is amazing and Hopper HQ is the most cost-effective. Posts are always on time and customer service when things go wrong is amazing.”

Sharri V. (March 11, 2021)

“The best social media planner I’ve ever used!

I’ve been using scheduling/planning tools for social media for about 7 years and this is by far the best tool I’ve used. It’s really user-friendly, everything is logical and simplified. My favorite thing is the grid view along the side – it’s amazing that it automatically updates with posts that you’ve shared directly on Instagram, not just through Hopper HQ. Also being able to see hashtag information when adding to captions.”

Emma I. (July 15, 2020)

Hopper HQ has been given the well-deserved nickname “The Ultimate Instagram Planning and Scheduling Tool” by users old and new.

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2) Hootsuite

Price: starts at $99/month (annual billing)

Hootsuite is a social media tool used to create and publish content on multiple Instagram business profiles and interact with followers. It is used to launch social campaigns across other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and is quite high-end.


  • Multiple account and platform management
  • Scheduling posts
  • Easy content creation

“We have used Hootsuite for over 5 years as a platform to organize and publish our social media content. It is clean and user-friendly!”

Nicole Vuong , 2022


  • Complex scheduling system
  • Technical issues on the platform
  • Unalluring hashtag suggestions 

“Total waste of time.

It’s riddled with constant errors so either you can’t schedule posts or when you do they don’t post!”

Rob Lazenby, 2022

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3) Semrush: Social Poster

Price: $19.75/month (annual billing)

Semrush is an SEO tool with a Social Media Poster feature that allows you to automate Instagram and Facebook posts. It also serves as an SEO toolkit for Instagram and Facebook. You can use it to manage visibility and content promotion across social media platforms with a $119.95 monthly subscription fee.


  • Competition’s analysis
  • Keyword and advertising research

“Semrush is used by both our Marketing team and our Editorial team. Reviewed’s Marketing team uses Semrush for paid and earned marketing research, competitive analysis, and tracking performance. Our Editorial team uses multiple research and writing tools that help them make decisions about SEO.”

Melissa D. Cooper (MBA), 2022


  • Expensive keyword features
  • Slow data updates 
  • Analysis can be broad and shallow

“I dislike their sales team, they aren’t helpful, their pricing is opaque and confusing, and their team doesn’t try to help you. They observe you simply as means for them to achieve their commissions. You won’t be treated like a customer, but an ATM.”

Brian Bojan D., 2022

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4) SocialBee

Price: $24/month (annual billing)

An alternative social media management platform, SocialBee helps users oversee all their media channels to build a firm online presence with monthly payments for solo users and agencies at $19 and $79 at basic rates, respectively.


  • Hashtag organization
  • Post management and categorization

“Really appreciate that it’s easy to use with handy features — like the ability to save hashtags — which eliminate some of the work involved in social media management.”

Petrina J., 2022


  • The user interface could be friendlier
  • Slow processing speeds
  • Arduous sharing across integrated media platforms

“I started social bee early in the company so my account is not set up properly and I would need considerable help to re-work it.”

Meara P., 2022

5) Sendible

Price: $24/month (annual billing)

Sensible is an analytical social media tool that enables users to manage clients’ content and growth on social media platforms such as Instagram by scheduling video and image posts.


  • Simple scheduling
  • Easy content sharing across social media platforms
  • Simple user interface

“Building lists of your client’s social media accounts allow you to post the same content across all platforms simultaneously. Save a tune of time when you are posting content that doesn’t need to be tweaked for a specific platform.”

-Pittman W., 2022


  • Large files affect uploads
  • Image content needed to be monitored often

“Overall, Sendible was good. It doesn’t have many advanced features for posting but if you’re looking for an easy and more affordable solution, Sendible might be right for you. If you want the capability to schedule Instagram Carousels and Instagram stories, then Sendible is not it.”

Juanita I., 2022

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6) AgoraPulse

Price: $49/month (annual billing)

A social media management software, AgoraPulse organizes, monitors and publishes users’ posts on social media. It offers a publishing calendar and oversees inbox interactions with customers and followers.


  • Clear user interface
  • Inbox management 

“The social listening feature. It helps me a lot to check all the mentions on the same platform. I also like the reports section, it’s clear and well-organized so it`s very easy to understand your results.”

Alexandra V., 2022


  • Difficulty with editing posts
  • Needs more social media outlets
  • Rescheduling can be difficult

“Agorapulse worked, but wasn’t as helpful as we had hoped”

Bailey Letson, 2021

7) Loomly

Price: $32/month (annual billing)

Loomly helps social media managers organize, schedule, and post their content automatically. As a social media marketing tool, It has a content library, an approval workflow, advanced analytics, and an ads manager. It supports LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  • Easy-to-use management platform
  • Multiple accounts publishing 

“Loomly allows me to schedule and post with ease.”

-Katie B., 2022


  • Instagram publishing needs revamping
  • Accounts connection to the calendar need reconnecting often

“Scheduling, tagging, and more functionality didn’t align with how we anticipated it would work. We canceled a scheduled post and this went anyway.”

-Tom S., 2022

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8) Planable

Price: $11 a user a month (annual billing)

This social media tool manages Instagram profiles, and posts and automates their scheduling using workflows and coordinated engagement with user audiences. It comprises a cloud media library for Instagram downloads.


  • Data management with spreadsheets
  • Access to commercial-free images 
  • Multiple account posts and scheduling

“The ease of scheduling multiple posts across all platforms. Scheduling is fast and easy. Making your social media presence consistent is key these days and Planable makes that easy.”

Amber B., 2022


  • Limits advanced post scheduling
  • Lack of media analytics 

“It can plan, but has a lot bad UX problems that block from post and you even did not see this.”

Kirill S., 2022

9) Onlypult

Price: $22.93/month (annual billing)

Onlypult is a social media management tool used by businesses to harmonize posts across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and a host of others to enable rapid response to comments and hashtag trends.


  • Access to multiple social media platforms
  • Simple user interface

“Brillant social media scheduler”

Danielle H.,2022


  • Customer service is tiered
  • Can be buggy

“It seems to have some bugs here and there. I would like to be able to access help more often from my Time Zone.”

Jaime M., 2022

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10) Circleboom Publish

Price: $24.99/month (annual billing)

Circleboom is a social media post scheduler that provides content design and publishing services across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google and Linkedin.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide array of scheduling features

“An exceptional social media management tool that everyone must use”

Warren C., 2022


  • Poor post backlog
  • Outdated services advertisements

“They claim to be able to do things like delete tweets or unlike them on a large scale, but once you buy the pro account and try to use it, Circleboom doesn’t do what was promised. Useless tool and would recommend avoiding at all costs.”

Andrew Fisher, 2022

11) Buffer

Price: $6 a channel a month (annual billing)

Buffer is a content-sharing social media tool that provides scheduling options for Instagram business holders and other social account variants to promote traffic and follower engagement. 


  • Simple interface
  • Easy posting across social media platforms

“Great tool for everyday social media poster.”

Ryan Padgett, 2022


  • Analysis is not in-depth
  • Experiences some difficulty with Instagram

“Overall? We switched to a different media management program because this one was too finicky.”

Elizabeth B., 2022

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12) PromoRepublic

Price: $49/month (annual billing)

This social media marketing tool aids the users’ online presence on local search and social media with the use of an intelligent dashboard and features.


  • Free educational services
  • Smooth automatic scheduling

“A pleasant surprise! More than what we wanted, just what we need!”

Kim W., 2022


  • Poor account linking system
  • Slow customer issue response
  • Limited posting to Instagram

“The tool itself would be fine but Promo republic staff (mainly management) does not care about its users. Especially early adopters. Beware of it as this company is untrusted!”

David K., 2022

13) ContentCal

Price: $30/month (annual billing)

ContentCal, a social media management platform, offers post creation, publishing, and analysis to clients for their business. It has a visual calendar interface for content scheduling and categorization with Adobe Express. It also gives educational courses to allow users to optimize their social media handling skillset


  • Use of collaboration tools
  • Free educational courses

“ContentCal has become an essential tool for not only internal planning”

Dottie Turnbull, 2021


  • Service cancellation after 30 days
  • Extension of subscription without prior notice
  • Limited information on interface

“Cancellation is impossible and they try and charge you for an extra 12 month subscription.”

Ben Harden, 2021

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14) SocialPilot

Price: $25/month (annual billing)

Used by businesses to target large audiences, SocialPilot as a social media marketing platform manages client profiles, content, and activities to increase media engagement and productivity.


  • Automated scheduling
  • Easy access to past content
  • Simple user interface

“SocialPilot is a very suitable alternative to some big name options.”

Joe H., 2022


  • Editing is manual across social platforms
  • Interface needs improvements
  • Additional features for automated tools is required

“Deceptive with their cancellation process.”

Marc O’Brien., 2021

15) Tailwind

Price: $14.99/month (annual billing)

The social media scheduling and management tool, Tailwind, is used to create and schedule content across Instagram and Pinterest on its platform. It helps with market plans to increase media and follower interaction growth.


  • Post scheduling
  • Weekly summary of activities

“Tailwind is extremely helpful. Every page just has pop-ups to help you to use the platform. I just love that I don’t have to remember posting to my social networks

Thank you. Tailwind!”

Makgoba Molepo, 2022


  • Poor customer service
  • Buggy features and updates
  • No refunds for poor services

“Extremely unreliable service and buggy application.”

Tommy G, 2022

Next Steps

Instagram presents you with a cost-effective opportunity to increase your visibility, sales, and brand value. As much as Instagram scheduling apps are needed, you can’t spend all your time scheduling posts. It is only one puzzle piece in your social media marketing efforts. Choose a platform that allows you to schedule and post to Instagram from your mobile and desktop devices.

You can learn more about how to choose the best Instagram scheduler for your business or visit our blog to glean more ideas on how to build your business with social media.

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