What is a Hashtag?

In social media Hashtags are interactive phrases or tags preceded with a # symbol. A hashtag allows users to discover content on social media, and also allows users content to be discovered with the same tag. Popular hashtags include #ThrowbackThursday and #NoFilter. Hashtags were popularised by Twitter and soon adopted by most social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Are Hashtags still important?

Hashtags were a major tool used by social media marketers to help distribute content and make content more discoverable. However in recent years with the introduction of complex algorithms, more users and so much more content being published, many have questioned the effectiveness of hashtags anymore. However on platforms such as Twitter hashtags still serve a vital role in helping users discover content and engage with tweets. Hashtags on Instagram are still very important, however, overuse of hashtags can be viewed as spam and counterproductive.

What are the best Hashtags?

Often times we get asked the question, what is the best hashtag to get likes? or what hashtags shall I use to push my content out? The truth is there is no silver bullet hashtag that will skyrocket your content to millions of eyeballs instantly. Essentially the answer to the question really depends on the content, the type of content you’re posting should direct your choice of hashtags. Content around food should be supplemented with food related hashtags. However you should avoid hashtags with a very high post count, this will decrease your chances of content being seen, as competition is high.

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