The 2019 Instagram Rich List — Who Earns The Most From Sponsored Posts?

The Instagram Rich List is back for the third year running…

With Instagram continuing to grow, 2019 has seen the highest amount of money for paid Instagram posts to date.

In a recent statistic from Facebook, 83% of Instagram users say they discover new products and services on Instagram, so it’s no wonder the influencer and sponsored post industry is still on the rise.

Just as we did in 2017 and 2018, Hopper HQ have produced the official:

💰 2019 Instagram Rich List! 💰

Based on internal data, agency rate cards and public information, you can now find out just how much your favourite Instagram stars are earning for their #spon posts…

🤑 The Top 10 🤑

#1 Kylie Jenner

👥 140 million followers
💵 $1,266,000 per post

instagram rich list kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner still tops the charts in 2019, having become the youngest self-made billionaire of all time this year according to Forbes.

#2 Ariana Grande 

👥 159 million followers
💵 $996,000 per post

Ariana Grande has knocked Selena Gomez from second place since last year.

#3 Cristiano Ronaldo

👥 173 million followers
💵 $975,000 per post

While Ronaldo remains the only man in the top 5 and only European in the top 10!

#4 Kim Kardashian

👥 143 million followers
💵 $910,000 per post

Kim Kardashian just keeps growing, having gained 40m more followers in the past year alone.

#5 Selena Gomez

👥 153 million followers
💵 $886,000 per post

For a long time, Selena Gomez was the most followed celebrity on Instagram, and she topped the 2017 Instagram Rich List. However, with the rise of the Kardashians and other pop sensations, she’s fallen 3 places since last year.

#6 Dwayne Johnson

👥 148 million followers
💵 $882,000 per post

The Rock

Keeping his place at #6, Dwayne Johnson is the only male actor in the top 10.

#7 Beyonce Knowles

👥 129 million followers
💵 $785,000 per post

Beyonce has dropped 2 places since 2018 but is still firmly in the top 10.

#8 Taylor Swift

👥 119 million followers
💵 $748,000 per post

New to the Instagram Rich List this year, Taylor Swift joins the other queens of pop Ariana, Selena and Beyonce in the top 10.

#9 Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

👥 122 million followers
💵 $722,000 per post

Neymar has slipped one spot but remains the only other sports star in the top 10 besides King Ronaldo.

#10 Justin Bieber

👥 115 million followers
💵 $722,000 per post

Justin Bieber has made his way into the top 10 this year, and is the only male musician there.

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