Good Instagram Captions | What are the Best Instagram Captions to Use?

Having a good Instagram caption is crucial!

Instagram maybe be a photo and video sharing app but your killer content on Instagram isn’t the only thing thats going to get you likes. Having a awesome caption may be the difference between having many likes in your posts and having none. The following is a list of 20 good Instagram caption types. These have been shown to produce the most engagement and increase followers.

(Pro tip: Schedule your Instagram posts and Instagram captions and you could boost your engagement levels even higher)

Funny Quotes

Funny quotes are one of the most popular types of caption which you will find on Instagram. This type of caption is good in that it makes the target audience to laugh out loudly thus breaking the boredom which might be experienced sometimes. It has a positive effect in that it attracts many followers to your pictures. An example of a funny caption is “when nothing goes right, go left instead!” Funny quotes captions target people who love comedy or are comedian is some sense.

Hip-Hop Lyrics

This type of caption is good to use considering that it will attract followers to your pictures especially Hip-hop diehards. It has positive effect on the number of likes especially when one uses lyrics from famous Hip-hop superstars such as Drake. The best example of such like caption is “I’m here for a good time, not a long time”. This type of caption targets Hip-hop fans.

Football Phrases

This type of caption is good for football related posts. Captions like the famous Liverpool’s football club caption “You will never walk alone” will increase the number of followers from the football fans all over the globe.

Cool Sayings

Cool sayings such as “you think this is a game?” are good captions considering they are humorous. Of course, many people love good humor and thus using this cool sayings in your post is probably going to increase the number of likes of your Instagram post. The audiences targeted are people who use and enjoy good humor like movie writers and actors.


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Cute Quotes

Cute quotes are a good type of caption to use because they not only poke fun at our life but also offer a piece of advice. A cute saying like “Never love anyone who treats you like you are ordinary” is good in that it consoles and also advises. The target audiences are those having difficulties in life

Pop Music Lyrics

This type of caption is good since it gives a feeling of appreciation to the pop music diehards. This type can easily attract the pop fans to picture on using lyrics from famous pop musicians such as Taylor Swift.

Famous Quotes

Have you ever heard of the famous quote “A clever person solves a problem? A wise person avoids it. A dumb person creates it”? . This type of caption is good in that it gives advice in our society. It may be good to your post especially when it relates well to the picture leading to high number of likes. This type is one of the good Instagram captions to use, and it targets any Instagram users who love brainy famous quotes.

Love Quotes

Loves quote such as “sometimes, a goodbye is just a painful way to say I love you” can be good Instagram captions because they express love among the users. A certain post may be targeting a particular follower who is in love with the user thus leading to many likes. It targets audiences who enjoy romance quotes.

Fashion Trend Quotes

This type is one of the good Instagram caption types since it enables users to share the snaps of their latest fashion shows or even parties. This type can have a huge effect therefore increasing the number of likes, especially from the fashion community. Its target audience include people from the fashion community such as fashion models who are interested in the latest fashion trends. Don’t forget to also throw in some fashion hashtags in to you caption!

Novel Titles

Novel titles are also good Instagram captions types because they give self-explanatory ideas. When attached to the right image, they accurately explain the idea well thus attracting more likes. They target novel readers in most cases.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are also a good Instagram caption type because they can be used to inspire the target audience. They urge the target audience to take a particular step and to never give up which may lead to more liking especially to those who feel low. The target audience are people who need motivation to do a particular task.

Animation Titles

Animation titles are also good Instagram caption types since they add flare to the image. Animation titles are interesting to many followers since they are funny and increase the number of likes to the Instagram users. The target audiences of this type of Instagram caption are most probably children who enjoy animation movies.

Political Slogans

Political slogans such as the Obama’s “Yes we can” are also good caption types to use since they can be used for campaigning to woo voters. Politicians can exert more influence on the voters by using such like captions in their Instagram accounts which will lead to more likes. The target audiences are most probably voters and individuals interested in politics.

Company’s Slogan

Although not much familiar company slogans such as “share a coke” are good considering they market company’s products and services. Besides, they increase the following of the company’s pictures increasing the number of likes. The target audiences aimed for this type of captions are mostly consumers of a particular product or service.

Marketing Phrases

This type of caption is also good to use since it markets company’s product and services just like the company’s slogan. The effect is that there is a high possibility of having many following from marketing products and services of a popular company. The target audiences for this type of caption are mostly entrepreneurs and business owners.

Satirical Phrases

Satirical phrases are a good type of caption since they evoke sarcasm. Many people love witty language thus using a satirical phrase in your picture is going to assure you of many likes in your post. The target audiences are people who love and enjoy good humour.


Poems can also be used as good Instagram captions considering they can easily attract a niche of audience especially the many people who enjoy writing. Poems are filled with beautiful words which assure you of a good number of likes especially from the target audience which consists of poem readers and typewriters.

Bible Verses

Bible verses are also good Instagram caption types because they provide a word of encouragement to the Christians. Although not popular in Instagram, Bible verses have a positive effect since they attract many Christian following to a picture. The target audiences in most cases are Christians who love reading the bible.


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Proverbs are also good instagram caption types used because they embody some important facts of experience that are considered to be true by many. Proverbs can attract many followers to your pictures especially those who enjoy memorable saying thus increasing the number of likes. The target audiences for this case are children and also students who need advice.

Good Instagram captions are the best way to express your thoughts. It is apparent that a picture speaks a thousand words, but adding a good caption tells more information about the picture and also you. Good Instagram captions are like headings. If you write a well designed caption, the chances are that the engagement of your pictures will be relatively high. You can choose a good caption from the caption types discussed.


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