Instagram Considering Hour Long Video Posts

According to reports from The Wall Street Journal, Instagram could be changing the current video time limits on their app by allowing users to upload upto hour length videos. Currently their are fairly strict video limits on Instagram, video posts on the main feed are limited to 60 seconds, and Instagram Story videos are limited to 15 seconds. Changing the video limit to up an hour could massively change the type of content users choose to post on their Instagram accounts, the proposed hour long videos are suggested to “focus on vertical video” similar to the format Stories are consumed.

Allowing users to upload and publish content up to an hour long will open up the doors for creatives to introduce new types of content to the platform, and could see Instagram competing with the likes of YouTube for video content. This does’t come as much of a surprise as Instagram’s parent company Facebook have been making big pushes for video content in recent years.  Instagram have reportedly had discussions “in recent weeks” with video publishes and content creators regarding the potential of long video content on the platform.

Instagram are always trialling and beta testing new features, however many of don’t get released for all users, like the Grid Preview feature was was reportedly being beta tested. As The Wall Street Journal described plans for the feature are “tentative” and “subject to change”.


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