Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project

Here’s one for all you gram fanatics, hashtag lovers and for those who want to add some fun to their Instagram profiles. Have you ever wondered how you could get a feature on the official Instagram account or what the best hashtag every week is?

Three words…


The Weekend Hashtag Project is perhaps one of the lesser spoken about features of Instagram, and chances are you may have never heard of it, so we’re here to give you the low down on everything you need to know.

The Weekend Hashtag Project has been around since the inception of Instagram itself, sent down directly from Instagram HQ. To put it simply, every Friday before the weekend Instagram announces a specific hashtag with a designated theme. The idea being that users from all four corners of Instagram (and the world) will get involved, get creative and upload photos matching the theme of the hashtag. The best posts from the weekend hashtag project will then chosen by the Instagram Community team will be uploaded as a showcase on the Instagram Blog and main account.

  • The Hashtag to be announced on via the Instagram Blog every Friday
  • Get involved, be creative and original & remember the photos have to be taken by you!
  • Post your best visuals over the weekend, and hashtag with that weekends designated tag (also make sure your following @Instagram
  • Wait for the winners to be announced on Monday via the Instagram Blog and @Instagram account

Last Weekend’s Hashtag was #WHPBetterTogether with the focus on coming together, teams and friendships. Here are some of the top picks that were featured on the Instagram Blog:

The Weekend Hashtag Project is a great way to organically grow your Instagram account and get active within the IG community. It’s also a fantastic way to diversify the content of your posts and spice up your Instagram, especially if you’re stuck for ideas. Don’t be disheartened if you haven’t got a massive following, ultimately it’s the visuals that will get you noticed and win you a feature on the Instagram Blog!

Happy ‘Grammin!

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