How To Write Intriguingly Good Instagram Bios

Instagram bios give us the chance to get our personality across to other users in just 150 characters. For brands and businesses wanting to tell people what they’re all about, this can be a challenge.

In this article, we discuss Instagram bios and ways to make them look right for your brand! Firstly, there’s the decision of making your account open for public view or not. Surely, a public account will lead to a faster rate of growth and likelihood of appearing on the Explore page. You’re more likely to be followed if people can see what they’ll be following in advance. A private account requires you to authorise each follower’s request before they have permission to view your content.

Regardless of your account being private or public, everyone can read your bio and access your displayed links. So if it’s an enticingly good bio, people will click follow anyway if they find you intriguing enough!

Your Instagram bio is a way of telling others about yourself: your name, location, interests etc, and most users will read this before they follow. So think of your target audience, their interests and what might make them click follow!

Let’s get to it:

So, who leaves their bio blank?

The option of leaving your bio blank reflects a status of being content, allowing your images to talk on your behalf. This approach usually only works effectively, if you’re a well-known persona or household name beforehand. The little blue verified badge tick will signify you’re famous for something. It makes it easier for followers to find and follow authentic people, rather than fake accounts which get all the credibility.

The following high profile brands are examples of where a blue tick badge is reflected by ‘less is more’ in the bio, because the majority of the ‘world’s’ population know’s who they are!



Your name should be your proudest asset; don’t be afraid to get it out there in bold letters. It’s a way of shaking hands with new followers, greeting them with open arms to step inside your world.

Get emojis in there

Depending on you as an individual or a brand, using emoijs in your bio can brighten your profile and break up the text – not to mention grabbing attention!


If you’re travelling the world for whatever reason, advertise it in your bio! Millions of people are unable to travel due to other commitments, so the next best thing is to follow someone else’s journey through their eyes.


A short blurb about who you are, e.g. a Birmingham based digital marketing agency, means less deciphering through your posts, trying to guess what you do. You only get 150 characters to write about yourself, so be as spontaneous or pre-planned as you want.

If you have more than one Instagram account that’s worth following (personal or business), highlight it in your bio.

Perfect The Layout

It’s not straightforward to get a new line in your bio. You’ll need to write it as you’d like it to appear in notes or a text on your phone, then paste it back in to make it look perfect!

You can also use bullet point dots or vertical bars to separate your bio information!


Where To Link To?

Links send your followers on an engaging journey from your page. Insert a link to your website or blog, or any significant page that holds priority at any given time of your life. You can create trackable links to see which visitors to your website are coming from which source (e.g. Instagram). You can link to your:

  • Online store
  • YouTube page
  • YouTube video
  • Sponsor page
  • Latest book




The profile link is usually advertised in the caption of your latest post as ‘’Link is in my bio.’’ Post a new image relating to your link each time you change it. Oliver Jeffers changes his links in his bio quite frequently. You can see as an American citizen, he holds quite strong political views about the whole American presidency vote. Following Oliver often makes you think, where is he taking his followers today?




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