Find the best time to post on Instagram.

Analyse your followers and post history to find the best time to post on Instagram for your account.

Why does knowing the ‘best time to post on Instagram’ matter?

The big debate about the best time to post on Instagram is all to do with optimum engagement, and the answer has changed as the Instagram algorithm has developed…

Many articles online declare a specific day and time as the official ‘best time to post on Instagram’. However, from managing thousands of Instagram accounts on Hopper HQ, we know that it completely varies by user depending on audience demographic and location — so what’s important is finding the best time to post on Instagram for you. Naturally, if you post a video when the majority of your audience are asleep, it will get less likes and comments than it would when people are awake and using the app!

In order to explain why the best time to post on Instagram is important, let’s talk a bit more about:

The Instagram Algorithm

First and foremost, Instagram is all about engagement. Not only likes and comments, but saves, shares, direct messages and turning on post notifications – Instagram is tracking all of it. Every new update enhances the way we engage with content, and Instagram is prioritising content we are likely to enjoy based on all of this data.

When Instagram discarded the chronological news feed, they began prioritising ‘probability you will like this post‘ as a ranking factor over ‘most recently posted‘.

On this basis, we know that the algorithm:

▪️ Evaluates how ‘good’ content is based on engagement

▪️ Prioritises that ‘good’ content to users who are likely to also engage with it

These algorithm changes made it crucial that we receive instant engagement from our followers. As a result we saw the ‘New Post’ craze in Stories emerge, where users direct their audience to go and view/engage with their most recent post the moment it’s uploaded.

Here’s how it works:

▪️ When you post a photo or video to Instagram, it is only shown to a small percentage of your followers. This is estimated to be as low as 10% 😱

▪️ The algorithm then tracks how quickly those followers engage with it . So there’s not only pressure to get likes, you’re against the clock too ⏱

▪️ It also evaluates the post against the rest of the content on your feed, basing its ‘success’ on your average engagement rate and speed 📊

▪️ If the post is performing well, the algorithm deems it as ‘good content’ that people want to see. It is therefore shown to a larger percentage of your audience, is featured higher up in other users’ feeds, and will potentially even appear on the ‘Explore’ page 🎉📈

Other factors that can affect the best time to post to Instagram include day of the week! Follower behaviour will naturally vary on different days in each target demographic. For example, a university student audience have much more free time in the week to be on Instagram than an older, professional audience who will be at work with potentially limited access to social media.

Here is the global average best time to post on Instagram on a…

Monday       13:00      
Tuesday 05:00
Wednesday 15:00
Thursday 16:00
Friday 05:00
Saturday 11:00
Sunday 10:00


Of course, these are averages and will not be applicable to all accounts and audiences.

The most crucial factor of getting fast engagement?

⭐️ Knowing when your audience are online and most active ⭐️

So connect your Instagram account using the tool at the top of this page and find out the best time to post on Instagram for you!

Explore the data behind your Instagram account.

Find the best time to post on Instagram

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How does our ‘best time to post on Instagram tool’ work?

We work out the best time to post on Instagram for you and your audience based on follower activity and post engagement. Here’s how it works once you connect you Instagram account…

👥 The tool finds all of the users who follow your account

🕑 It then scans to see which followers are active at each hour of each day

This provides the data which allows you to see when the most or fewest of your followers are online! As we’ve said, posting at the time when the majority of your followers are online increases the chance of more people seeing your post and engaging with it quickly – giving a big thumbs up to the Instagram algorithm 👍

📱 The tool also looks at your post history

🗓 It notes what day of the week and hour each of your posts was published

💖 It then looks at the engagement (total number of likes and comments) for each post in each hour of the day, and divides them by the total number of posts in that hour

This allows you to see which hours have the average highest post engagement based on your post history. While this is very valuable insight, it is important to consider other factors — such as the quality of the content — which can influence engagement.

What if my best time to post on Instagram is inconvenient?

Often, your best time to post will be when you are unavailable! This can be especially frustrating for social media managers and business owners, who will have to work out of hours in order to post to Instagram in the evenings and weekends (or even the middle of the night if the majority of your audience is in a different time zone!).

To avoid this problem, we recommend scheduling your Instagram content in advance! Using an automated social media management tool like Hopper HQ, you can set your Instagram posts to be published at your optimum time and you don’t have to be anywhere near your phone when the hour comes!

Other benefits of scheduling your Instagram posts:

▪️ Saves Time ⏰
Scheduling posts in advance saves heaps of time. You can bulk upload all of your weekly content to Hopper HQ in one go – freeing up all the time you’d usually spend on your phone!

▪️ Content Management 📱
Keep on track of what content is going out when and feel more organised! Scheduling prevents against any rushed or last minute posts, and improves the overall quality of content going out.

▪️ Post From Desktop 🖥
Instagram’s website does not allow you to upload posts, which is problematic for users whose content is on their computer (sending photos back and forth to your phone gets pretty tiring right?). Scheduling allows you to upload all your Instagram content straight from your desktop!

▪️ Manage Multiple Accounts 👥
Whether for work or hobbies, many Instagram users manage more than one account! Maintaining posting regularity and keeping engagement high across multiple accounts requires a lot of work, which is where scheduling comes in to save the day.

▪️ Plan Your Feed 🎨
The best Instagram accounts have an amazing feed aesthetic! Scheduling is a great way to visually plan your feed, ensuring your posts will complement one another once published. Hopper HQ has a grid preview interface, allowing you to see what your feed will look like in the future!

best time to post on instagram

⭐️ Now it’s time to find the best time to post on Instagram for YOU and YOUR audience! Connect your Instagram account at the top of this page ⭐️

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