Never miss your audience with our new Time Settings feature! ⏰

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Time Settings feature! 🎉

With Instagram’s updates to the algorithm, it has never been more important for you to be publishing content when your audience are most active and engaged.

Our new Time Settings feature helps you to make sure your posts are scheduled when your audience are most active, to help you achieve maximum engagement with your content.

What’s more, for users with accounts targeting audiences all over the world, you can now set timezones for each of your connected social media accounts.

Read on to find out more about our new Time Settings feature, as well as how you can find your best time to post on Instagram ✨

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So, when is the best time to post to Instagram?

If you’re active on Instagram, you’ll probably have caught the chatter around the platform’s contentious algorithm change. Two years on, we’re still trying to wrap our head around these changes and work to figure out the best way to reach audiences on the platform.

One thing we have learned is that the time you post can have a huge impact on engagement levels, so it’s important you make sure you’re posting when your followers are most active.

So, how do you find the best time to post on Instagram, we hear you ask? With our Best Time To Post tool, of course!

Trying to figure out when your audience are most active can be a bit of a minefield – especially when social media allows you to access a global audience – so we developed our Best Time To Post tool, to help you optimise your schedule for Instagram.

Find out when the best time to post to your account is here:

Now, let’s get back to Time Settings…

Once you’ve determined when the best time to post to your account is, it’s time to set up your schedule using our new Time Settings feature! 🎉

Not only will pre-setting your schedule help us to recommend post times to you, it will also help to ensure you never miss your followers when they’re most active – helping you to achieve maximum engagement with your content.

Here’s how to preset you scheduled times on Hopper HQ:

  1. Go to your social media account’s settings
  2. Head to your account’s Time Settings
  3. Set times up for individual days, every weekday, weekend etc.

Or, check out our demo video below and see how easy it is to preset your post times! 👏🏼

If you have any further questions about this feature, get in touch with a member of the Hopper HQ team – we’re always happy to help! 😊

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